Jay Leno Unleashes Barrage Of Michael Jackson Jokes

Jay Leno had plenty of Michael Jackson material for his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday. Jay joked, “We are having a heat wave. 90 degrees in L.A. It was so hot today, Michael Jackson was dangling his kid over an air conditioner. That’s how hot it was.” He added, “That was the strangest story. Did you all see those pictures of Michael Jackson dangling the baby over the railing of the balcony? You know, everyone who saw the video says the same thing. They all say, ‘Oh my God, what if he dropped the kid? He’s holding him with one hand. What if he slipped?’ I mean, give Michael a little credit. When he gets his hands on a kid, he doesn’t let go.”

Jay kept on the Jacko beat joking, “Actually, yesterday, a lot of the news agencies were reporting that people weren’t sure if it was even Michael’s baby, which of course it’s Michael’s baby. Would you let Michael Jackson baby sit your kid? No.”

Finally, Jay joked, “While he’s over there in Berlin, Michael Jackson also visited the Berlin Zoo. They said it was the first time anybody’s walked through the zoo where the animals were going,’What the hell is that?'”

Pals Of Jacko Are Worried About His Behavior

November 21, 2002 – Pals of Michael Jackson are weighing in on his recent bizarre behavior with his children, including the shock baby dangling incident in Berlin on Tuesday which was followed by a bizarre visit to the zoo with his other two children, where their faces were hidden from the public under dark purple hoods and burqa-like veils. Donald Trump, who’s had Jacko as his guest at the Trump Tower and at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach commented, “I can’t believe what I saw. Obviously, Michael is somehow out of control. I hope he is going to be OK.” Rabbi Shumuley Boteach added, “Why he would do this? I don’t know… It’s so out of character for him.” Most of his other friends refused to comment.

Prince Michael II Writes To Worlds #1 Agony Aunt

November 21, 2002 – England’s equivalent of Dear Abby — Dear Deidre, received a fictional letter from Prince Michael II, who is the son of Michael Jackson, at the Neverland Ranch. “I’m pretty sure he’s my dad anyway. He seems to be the same pale color as me and we have similar bits of cloth covering our faces,” the comically written letter reads. Deidre responded, “If ever there were proof that money can’t buy you happiness, it’s you babe. Were your dad not mega-rich, chances are you would be taken away from him and into care.”

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