Jay Leno’s Post ‘American Idol’ Monologue

Jay Leno joked during his ‘Tonight Show’ monologue on Thursday night:

As you know, we have a new ‘American Idol’, ladies and gentlemen. Congratulations to Jordin Sparks. Just 17 years old. ‘American Idol’, 17 years old. Man, when I was 17, I was just idle.

Isn’t that something? She’s the youngest female singer to hit it this big since Cher, since a 16-year-old in 1928. Remember that?

17 years old. And of course, she gets a huge record deal with a major producer. And luckily, not R. Kelly.

I like it when she sang the oldies stuff, like Motown. That’s what I like, the oldies stuff. But, then again, she’s 17. Isn’t every song pretty much an oldie when you’re 17? Even Kelly Clarkson is an oldie to her, right?

She would have been like 11 when – oh, and Kelly Clarkson was there last night, too. She sang her new song ‘Never Again’, which is about making movies with Justin Guarini.

And Sanjaya sang a song. Either that or my cat passed a kidney stone.

And if you watched the show last night, the little crying girl was there again. You see her? Remember? Remember the little crying girl? What is her name? Oh, Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul, that was her name.

She was there. Oh, yeah, yeah. They had a lot of celebrities in the audience. Jerry Springer was in the audience last night. I believe this is the first TV show Jerry has ever done where everybody in the audience had their own teeth. I believe this was.

Yeah. And David Hasselhoff, he was there. He was in the audience. Now you might not have seen him. He was under his chair eating a a hamburger.

Ratings Drop As Wins ‘American Idol’

May 24, 2007 – David Bauder profiled how last night’s ‘American Idol’ finale watched by 30.7 million people was a sharp drop from the 36.4 million people viewing last year’s finale, according to Nielsen Media Research. “People are getting tired of it,” said Marc Berman, an analyst for Media Week Online. “I know I am.” Tim Brooks, author of “The Complete Directory to Prime-Time Network and Cable Television, added, “The competition down at the end didn’t have the excitement that it had in years past. It’s kind of a rehash to viewers.”

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