JC Chasez Complains Of Raw Deal From NFL

Kyra Phillips of CNN’s ‘Live From…’ spoke with star after the NFL pulled the plug on his halftime performance at this weekend’s Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii, blaming the Super Bowl halftime stunt where JC’s bandmate exposed the breast of . “They’re running advertisements in the whole game and they’re running ads for male performance enhancements,” he said. “So I mean, I don’t know what to say, man. And it’s just a part of life. I mean, people, you know, music is an aphrodisiac to a certain extent. Yes, sometimes things go too far. But I think we’re in a whole other era. We’re in the communication age, not in the dark ages. I think that you have to respect people’s intelligence and things like that. The only thing that’s getting tough now is with this whole shakedown, it’s like, you know, I think they’re going way overboard and artists themselves are nervous what they’re going to say and it’s inhibiting creativity.” Check out the entire transcript here.

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