JC Chasez Joins Scooby-Doo’s Gang

According to J-14 magazine JC Chasez will make a guest appearance on ‘A Scooby-Doo Valentine’s Day’ (airing February 11). For JC, starring on one of his all-time fave cartoons was truly a dream come true: “It was really fun. I always wanted Scooby to be my dog when I was little!” On the special, JC causes trouble when he goes after Shaggy’s girlfriend. In real life, the singer is rumored to be dating ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Eva Longoria. Though he was mum on the relationship, JC did say he’s optimistic that he will be spending V-Day with someone special: “I’m keeping my fingers crossed!”

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One thought on “JC Chasez Joins Scooby-Doo’s Gang

  1. PL says:

    How fun I would have loved to play a part of a villian in batman.

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