JC Chasez On Channel 933

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*NSYNC star JC Chasez was on the San Diego radio station, Channel 93.3. Cha-Cha asked him many questions, including:
(not his exact words)

C.C.- Britney Spears recently hinted that Justin Timberlake’s “hmmhmm” was a little Richard, can you defend him on that?

J.C.- uh, I don’t know how to answer that, it’s none of my business man, so I don’t know how it is.

C.C.-Do you think it’s true when they say that men who can dance good are also very good in…bed?…Are you a ladies man?

J.C. I don’t know, uh… I’m a normal guy.

C.C.- Are you gonna be dancing a lot during your concert?

J.C.-Yes, there will be some dancing, but not as much as what we did with *NSYNC, because that’s what the group was more like. There will be some choreography, but also times when I have no dancing and it’s just me singing.

C.C-It’s cool you chose to kick off the tour in San Diego, We’re very excited…

J.C- yeah it’s my first concert, kind of like a pre-tour for something bigger later. you’ll pop my cherry…

C.C.- oh oh i like that

J.C. no, i didn’t mean it THAT way. you all are my first

C.C- Tell me about your personalities.

J.C.- well, on this album I had different mood swings, and I would take all of that and make music. There are some hip hop influences like with “Some Girls”, and then some full on rock influences.

C.C- What is “Some Girls” about?

J.C.- well, some women like to dance with women because A. they want to look flirtatious and attract the men B. they want a guy to stay the hell away from them or C. they don’t want to have anything to do with men, but I like the flirting they do.

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One thought on “JC Chasez On Channel 933

  1. jcsfan88 says:

    “you’ll pop my cherry” lol. He always had interesting metaphors. He needs to stop with the three reasons girls dance with other girls though.

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