JC Chasez On KISS 106.1 In Seattle Transcript

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star JC Chasez did an interview for Jackie and Bender this Friday morning, he talked about his upcoming album, Tara Reid, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, his hair and his love for ‘Harry Potter’. Read on for a transcript.

*played BMU*
Bender: KISS 106.1 playing all the hits. JC. Yeah. Apparently he’s on the phone now. Dude!
JC: Yo.
Jackie: Hey, how’s it goin?
JC: *in that sleepy JC voice* What’s goin on?
Jackie: So, are you busier now than you were with NSYNC?
JC: Oh no, this is way quiet.
Jackie: Does it drive you nuts?
JC: No, I mean, it’s cool, I keep myself busy with my own little things now, you know.
Jackie: What do you do?
JC: I basically just go into the studio everyday now cause I’m still in the writing process for the record. I was in there until like 5 in the morning.
Jackie: Wow!
JC: But I finished a song last night.
Jackie: When I first heard your solo song that came out I said Oh my god, you know, I’ve always listened to NSYNC songs all these years, but I never had really felt like I heard, you know, you and how strong your voice was. And you’ve got a great voice.
JC: Thank you.
Jackie: I love that song cause you get, like all funky and soulful.
JC: Yeah, I just go weird a little. *laughs*
Jackie: I like it though! Yeah, I like it a lot.
JC: It’s fun. Like every now and then you have to like, release without thinking about it, you know.
Jackie: Can you sing part of the song right now?
JC: Da da da da da da da, HO! *laughs*
Jackie: Oh my god, that is so much like the CD.
Somebody in the backgorund: Oh my god, Jaaaayceeee! Woo!
Jackie: You’re incredible! When NSYNC first decided, OK, we’re gonna take a break for a while, and you and Justin, you know, decided to do the solo thing, but, were you guys just beyond fried?
JC: Um, we had been kinda like, I mean, we were doin it pretty hard. And it’s not like we were fried, but, I think, I think everybody needed a bit of a break. Not just us, but you know, we felt like if we came out with another record it would just be too contrived at that point. We weren’t in the space where we were really like pushing each other like we always were, and we never want to be contrived, you know, so…
Jackie: Yeah.
JC: We were like, you know what? Let’s just go get some fresh air, and when we come back we’ll have a brand new energy and a million new things to talk about when we write.
Bender: We’ve got JC on the phone with us. How did you guys completely bypass all that was the pitfalls that every other boyband that came before you?
JC: I don’t know. We just, uh, didn’t listen to what everybody said, I guess, you know. Everybody tells you, look, you’ve got this, this is gonna happen to you, this is gonna happen to you. And we just kinda go, OK, thanks for the advice and we keep moving forward. You know, it’s not, we’re not gonna listen and let everybody’s negativity and let them tell us or dictate how our lives are supposed to be. You’re supposed to live your own life. I mean, I think people are just getting a truthful look at what we like. You know, before, you know, I’m sure there was a few bands out there that were kinda told what’s cool. And we just do whatever we, you know…
Jackie: Yeah.
JC: And that’s probably the difference. That’s part of being an artist.
Bender: We’ve got JC from NSYNC on the phone with us. So, just a side note, all week long, we’ve been all completely sick here in the studio, and drippin and snotty and ugh. When you’re all sick and you have to do a show, and you have to actually go up on stage and dance and sing and everything else, how do you get through that?
JC: It’s tough sometimes. I mean, you know, some of the worst shows we have, it’s not even about us being sick, it’s the weather, you know. When we did a show in Las Vegas, it was 135 degrees outside. That was tough, you know? It’s like, and yeah, you do have off days, but guess what? When you do a show, like in stadiums or anything like that, it’s rain or shine, dog. And you’re gonna do it whether you like it or not. The thing is, it’s, I mean, we’re a bit spoiled. We have a crowd out in front of us that gets us excited, you know what I mean? It’s like, I’m sure sitting in the studio, you know people are listening, but there’s no immediacy. But, you know, when you’re standing underneath your stage and you’re hearing people startin to, you know, scream, and the little, the rumble takes effect, there’s quite a bit of adrenaline that kinda runs from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head and you feel like you’re a rocket ship about to take off.
Bender: See, that’s what we’re missing, the rumble.
JC: *laughs*
Bender: I understand that. Now, we’ve got JC on the phone with us. So, uh, you, Tara Reid, was that ever really anything or was it just a video shoot?
JC: No, we’re friends. We’re totally friends. We like to hang out with each other and have a laugh, but, I mean, everybody made a bigger deal out of it than it was. People are starting to finally chill out and see that, yeah, we do hang out, but, you know, it’s not what everybody thinks it is.
Jackie: See, the gossip was, that on New Years Eve, she was flirting with other guys in front of you, and you said, ‘I’ve had enough,’ and you left her there and went to…where was it?
Bender: Vegas.
Jackie: Vegas!
JC: Oh, really?!
Bender: Yeah.
Jackie: That’s what the gossip was.
JC: Oh, cool! *laughs*
Jackie: Yeah. But it made it look like you were sort of a player, like you went, ‘Yeah, I’m not gonna deal with this’ and you hopped on a plane to Vegas.
JC: OK, whatever. *laughs*
Jackie: So, you didn’t get walked on in the gossip, you did just fine.
Bender: How much of all the gossip crap do you see or read or whatever about the whole Britney/Justin thing?
JC: Uh, well, that’s kinda like on overload, right?
Jackie: Oh, god, you’re not kidding.
JC: You can’t get away from that one.
Bender: Because now, apparently, uh, Britney’s hooked up with Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit AND she’s doin Justin on the side.
JC: She’s a busy girl, then.
Jackie: I know, that’s what we thought! We were like, geez!
JC: Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t know. I saw her the other night, she was just out chillin with a bunch of her girlfriends, she wasn’t even with any guys.
Jackie: Now, weren’t you one of the Mickey Mouse Club kids too?
JC: Yeah.
Jackie: Is that not the weirdest thing ever, though, to be sitting at the front row of the AMAs with Justin who was in the MMC, Britney’s down the row, you’ve got, you know, Christina Aguilera on stage and you guys are all grown up, and it’s gotta be bizarre thinking how long you guys have all known each other and been working…?
JC: We all, it’s weird, man. It’s like, we had a great energy on the show and we were all excited. You know, it’s like when the show ended everybody was sad, but, believe it or not, everybody was excited as well cause everybody was like, you know what, it’s time for all of us to move on to the next phase of our lives. It took a few years, but, for some reason, in the bottom of our stomachs, everybody knew that somebody was gonna do something.
Jackie: Mmmhmmm.
JC: It was like, we knew that the caliber of talent that we were surrounded in.
Bender: Grab the new Maxim magazine if you haven’t already seen it, the new swimsuit issue.
JC: Oh yeah?
Bender: Because in it, they’ve got a little write-up on the old MMC and they have all your faces circled.
JC: Great.
Bender: Yeah.
Jackie: Oh god, that’s what he wants to see, Bender, yeah.
JC: No dude, you don’t even understand. My friend, my friend, uh, Tony, who did the show with us as well, cracked out a picture yesterday from like, 1993. It was when I was touring, on tour, doing, um, we had like a Target tour back then. And we would perform songs from the show, but we went on the road across the United States *chuckles* and like, they set up a stage, they set up stages in like, at all the Target parking lots. *laughs while he tries to talk* And I saw a picture of like, oh man, it was so funny.
Jackie: Aren’t there some memories you just go, I just really want those to go away? *laughs*
JC: No! It’s so great, though. It’s like, wo-ow, man! It was great to see me with those group of friends, performing, you know. Like I said, it was just, like…*trails off*
Bender: If you’re just joining us, JC from NSYNC, on the phone with us.
Jackie: Do you choose all your hair and fashion choices, or do you have a person that’s in charge of that…?
JC: No, we choose it ourselves.
Jackie: I’m startin to feel like you’ve got a mullet goin on.
JC: Because it was stickin out the back of the, the, the hat. But no. I actually have a fro going on more than a mullet.
Jackie: A white man’s fro. *laughter in the background*
JC: A white man’s fro.
Jackie: OK, now, at the AMAs, we all decided we thought you looked a little like Harry Potter.
JC: That’s what I wanted to do!
Jackie: No! *laughter* OK, then I nailed it! You were very Harry Potter, then, good for you.
JC: That was my, that was my schoolboy look.
Jackie: Oh, very good. You nailed it, buddy.
JC: Dude, I watch Harry Potter like every other day.*laughs*
Jackie: Oh, that’s so funny.
Bender: We have JC on the phone with us. Jake, Lightening Round, go!
Jake: What do you read on the toilet?
JC: What do I read on the toilet? *chuckles* I don’t have time to read on the toilet! I’m off and I’m on. I’m on and off.
Jackie: *cracking up* You’re doing solo stuff now, you got a little bit more time.
Jake: You need to call the shots, man. You can pitch a tent in there if you want.
Jackie: JC, you gotta learn to live, buddy.
*everybody’s laughing*
Jake: Hey, um, would you have argued to leave Lance in space?
JC: What?!
Jackie: No!
Jake: Hey, is Tara Reid as fake as she sometimes seems?
JC: What? Fakin’? No, she’s awesome, dude. She’s a cool girl.
Bender: Kinda like, you know, when you guys were shooting the video, you didn’t have to take anything shiny out of the room?
JC: *laughs* No. She’s actually a lot smarter than people give her credit for. Um, she surprises a lot of people when she breaks it down.
Jake: Hey, OK, last question for ya here. Now that most of the NSYNC guys are kinda doin their own side gigs, is Kirkpatrick doin anything besides being Eminem’s favorite target?
JC: Yeah, he’s actually putting together a record label.
Jackie: Oh, is he really? Why does Eminem pick on him? I don’t get that.
JC: Because his name rhymed.
*everyone laughs*
Jackie: Aaaahh.
Jake: Nothin rhymes with Chasez.
Jackie: Yeah, thank god, JC. Geez!
Bender: Done. It’s JC from NSYNC. Dude, thanks for giving us some time, we appreciate it.
JC: Oh, no sweat, dude.
Jackie: Take care buddy.
JC: Thanks.
Jackie: Buh bye.
JC: Bye.

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