JC Chasez On TRL On Thursday

*NSYNC star stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to promote his debut solo single ‘She’s Blowin’ Me Up’. JC explained his relationship with Tara Reid and how she ended up doing the video. Also, he says bandmate Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ is “pretty self-explanatory” in that it is about his ended relationship with Britney Spears. JC also says look for the guys to start working on a new album in or October. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Welcome back to trl times square is hoppin’ right now now get ready we know him from nsync the latest member to go solo please welcome jc ha yeah, jc in the house



JC: Thank you.

TRL: They love you, jc give it up one more time for jc people are cryin’, oh, my goodness


TRL: Ha-ha. Now you are here to talk about “she’s blowin’ me up” obviously
the single off the soundtrack, shout out to dallas austin and the crowd that did that there.

JC: Did their thing.

TRL: Was this a way for you to test like the waters of you going solo?

JC: There was this real plan actually just a vibe me and d hangin’ out
in a studio because he was writin’ the gel at the time and he was writin’ with him like I’m workin’ on this soundtrack right now and i still got two songs i have left to feel and me and you are vibin’ real good why do not we go in and write something originally it wasn’t supposed for me to do but to write but after i laid the track down he was like you got to do it. You got to do it we don’t want it losehe vibe. I ended up doin’

TRL: It is off the hook.

JC: It is cool, i like it.

TRL: It is off the hook. The next question we all want to know when to expect the jc album.

JC: There’s been a lot of i guess people kind of asking the same question.
What I’m going to do just go into the studio over the next month orwowo and vibe out pretty hard core if i get the right collection together you’ll get an album probably late winter, early next spring.

TRL: That’s hot


TRL: Also a lot of love to justin timberlake his album is doing wonderful do you feel some pleasure to like have to contend with Justin.

JC: I don’t have to compete with him. He’s doin’ his own thing, you know what he i mean, a superstar he will sell a bagillion records and I’m happy for him F.I do a record it will be for me to get ideas off my chest and that’s it.

TRL: Justin told us the good news nsync is still together definitely happy about that, you guys are still together. Can you update me on the group and all the guys.

JC: Welcome to jc’s news report. You guys have the most perfect timing
ever. We just had our whole meeting for our plan next career what we’re going to be doing. Ng off wh you know the first time that people are probably gonna see us together probably at the people’s choice awards then we’ll be there together and we’ll do our challenge for the children event


TRL: I go every year. It’s off the hook.

JC: We are talkin’ about doing a performance at the — there together but it depends on scheduleing if we get to rehearse I’ll know in February whether or not we’ll be able to do that.

TRL: Let us know.

JC: Yeah, we will. Then were we’ll go back into the studio in
or October to do the next album impl that’s what we wanted to hear. All right.

JC: The latest updates here.

TRL: Thank you. You are kicking off the world pe mere the video next.

JC: Yeah.

TRL: Right now we’ll jump to the no. 3 video it’s b2k “bump, bump, bump”


TRL: No. 3 b2k “bump, bump, bump” they were no. 4 yesterday now jc let’s
talk about the video for “she’s blowin’ me up” a lot of interesting things going on in the video, but tyra reid now you’re gonna tell me.

JC: Ooohhh.

TRL: You are guys friends, are you guys in love — what is it.

JC: Let me tell you something about tara, she’s a great person and she did me the hugeest favor because the day of my video, the person that was supposed to play opposite me canceled and I had four hours to find shb to do the video and I’d been hangin’ out with her for like a few weeks. I got her on the phone and she was like what you are doin’ you are doin’ your video, excited i was like I’m screwed i don’t have anybody — the person to be play opposite canceled a photo shoot in paris, blah, blah,
blah she was like what are you going to do i was like don’t know i have like half dozen agencies calling take this girl, this girl she’s and actress and she was like you know, you km what I’ll save you all the hassle and the trouble I’ve never done a music video before I’ll do it for you, don’t even do it about it she did me a huge solid. Palin’ around and doin’ the buddy thing promotin’ dallas’s video and everything.

TRL: Do you buy all your friends these dog tag things.

JC: — You have to be part of the la family he’s got his and my buddy carlos, a whole crew

TRL: And tara has one, too.

JC: ‘Cause she did the video so she gets one of them

TRL: All right that’s cool we want to see the chemistry between you guys why don’t you world premiere this video right now. We’re ready


JC: This is the world premiere of my very first solo video. You if feel it put it on the countdown “she’s blowin’ me up with her love”


TRL: Wow! That was the world premiere of jc “she’s blowin’ me up” way to complain bine the theme of the movie with the video “drumline” that was hot. If you want this on your countdown vote for ut: Time for our final break but jc you know the story behind justin’s new video and we’ll ask you all about that before but that we’ll leave you with a look at tomorrow’s trl


TRL: Oh, my god! I don’t — i know new york isn’t usually known for its sunsets, its sceney but, dam that’s good right, la.

TRL: Off the hook welcome back to trl we are still here with jc yes, representin’.

TRL: No doubt as far as your top 10 eminem takes a back seat on the
countdown today j he’s been dissin’ nsync in the past but not lately. What’s your take on the man.

JC: First of all as a business man there is nobody better taking over
everything entertainment as far as you know takin’ tab stabs at us by think it is all in fun at the ends of the day we’ve never said a bad thing about it may be a bit crazy if he doesn’t he’s all right because he doesn’t even know us that well. We don’t sweat the small stuff when we see him out we always wave and whatever, we won’t let a few words.

TRL: And he will wave back.

JC: Does he waver back?

JC: He will acknowledge our presence. I don’t mow if he will wave back or in the. We haven’t had that much interaction to say we like orislike each other you know what i mean it is like one of these things.

TRL: Wha’ssup. Very cool here is em up one, no. 2 “lose yourself” check it out on trl


TRL: No. 2 most requested eminem “lose yourself” it was 3 yesterday it is kinda like an honor i think, too, t be an eminem song you know i don’t know.

JC: It is cool to get dissed by eminem. You are not cool unless you pee your pants.

TRL: Exactly.

TRL: To let you know justin is comin’ by tomorrow and his video is at no. 1 today.

TRL: Yes, it is jc w everybody thinks it’s about britney. What did justin tell but the concept of this video?

JC: It is pretty self-explanatory.

TRL: I think so.

JC: You know, it’s like, he’s like, look it just is what it is, dogg I’m just gonna leave it at that, you know.

TRL: Boys will be boys.

JC: And girls will be girls.

JC: And fa-la-llalalala.

JC: Happy holidays everybody.

TRL: Let’s get to the video no. 1 justin timberlake “cry me a river”


TRL: No. 1 justin timberlake “cry me a river” most requested video in the country that’s cool the 5th straight day he’s been at no. 1.

TRL: Yeah, that’s hot. Thanks to elijah wood for stoppin’ by, jc thank you.

JC: Yeah.

TRL: The drumline soundtrack in stores right now so make sure you get that.

JC: You have to see my boy dallas, he did the “drumline” movie come here, boy this one right here you better go see some “drumline” all right


TRL: Pluggin’ away over there.

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