JC Chasez Picks Best And Worst Of 2002

Contributed by alwaysbsb:

TVGuide.com asked certain celebrities what was the best and worst in entertainment for the year 2002. According to JC Chasez from , the best was The Osbournes, and the worst was Winona Ryder’s shoplifting. Jason Patric from the show ‘Narc’ put as the best part of 2002, saying he finds her entertaining but he isn’t sure about her music. Jamie Bell from Nicholas Nickleby said the worst was at the Billboard Music Awards, and calls him a di**.

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One thought on “JC Chasez Picks Best And Worst Of 2002

  1. anonymus says:

    A Jason Patric likes Britney Spears and show that music does not know? I do not know him, but the rest, or at least I have very clear!.

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