JC Chasez Says No To Wild Night

Us Weekly spoke with a woman who claims to have been invited to JC Chasez’s home in the Hollywood Hills on August 21st after meeting up with him at Concorde in Los Angeles. “They picked out the hottest girls and asked if they wanted to hang out with JC,” the woman said, referring to the *NSYNC star’s pals. “When we got there, he lit candles and put on sexy music.” While JC sat “really close” to a “ look-alike”, he ended up heading upstairs leaving the horny ladies without any love. “We all thought we’d been invited to a sex party,” the unnamed woman explained, “and he just wanted to go to sleep.”

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4 thoughts on “JC Chasez Says No To Wild Night

  1. hellahooked says:

    LOL what the fu**.. like this is believable.

  2. Stallion says:

    If you people listen to the song build my world than you people will understand that the man is tired of having one night stand with hot sexy girls that he just want a good solid relationship but of course idiots like Elgato or Popnicklover is going to use this to call JC gay. *roll eyes* I look down at haters

  3. bluerose88 says:

    this is so stupid people would actually believe this!! lol!

  4. Mia says:

    I don’t even bother reading US magazine anymore. They are nothing but a tabloid masquerading as a legit magazine. I think the publishing company that owns the Star and those types bought US. Just trash! No matter who its about.

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