JC Chasez, Talented, And Energenic

JC Chasez wearing a jean jacket

Contributed by schizo76:

I am not one to like pop music, I never owned an album, but after seeing him perform, has got me. I think he’s got huge talent, and selects the wrong songs for publicity. He has plenty of great songs on his diverse ‘Schizophrenic’ CD that he should have made singles. Watching him perform was amazing. He put his heart and soul into everything. ‘100 Ways’ had to be the best performance of the night in my eyes, but also songs like ‘Dear Goodbye’ and ‘Everything You Want’, which completely reminded me of Sting, were amazing to me. All in all, I think if people really took a good listen to him, they wouldn’t see him for his ability, or his “looks” or even his first single ‘Some Girls’, but for the true talent he is.

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3 thoughts on “JC Chasez, Talented, And Energenic

  1. melyindaguerra says:

    I fully agree. JC is a talented performer and gifted singer. Everyone should just give his CD a listen. If you go to dirtypop.net this month (July actually) is share JC with a friend month. Pass along you CD to a friend or play it for them in your car. We really need to let this amazing collection of songs to be heard. If you go to musicfredom.com JC’s official site you can listen to tracks and download an exclusive never before released track.

  2. faust says:

    I agree. JC is right now the best male solo artist. No doubt. I love this guy!

    Justin has got his talent under his clothes. At least JC is not posing shirtless in every damn magazine.

  3. rosie says:

    Finally some say’s something good about JC other saying mean things like he’s not as talented as Justin or will never reach his altitude of fame. and I know 4 a fact that JC is talented because he has practically written every song on every *NSYNC album.

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