JC Chasez Talks Solo Stuff & Only Artist

*NSYNC star JC Chasez called into the JoJo show on KIIS FM in Los Angeles the other night. JC talked about his solo track on the ‘Drumline’ soundtrack which hits radio next month and he says he’s getting music together for a debut solo album. As for the OnlyArtist.com website he wore the t-shirt for at the MTV Video Music Awards, JC explained that it is basically a open forum, where music (including his) will be posted for free, and people will be able to discuss as well as critique what they hear. JC says it’s a perfect way for him to keep in touch with fans while *NSYNC is on a hiatus. Apparently they didn’t talk about Justin Timberlake’s solo debut, and JoJo even suggested he be in the studio the day Timberlake’s ‘Justified’ album drops on November 5th.

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