JC Chasez Talks To JoJo Of KIIS FM

The transcript for star JC Chasez’s appearance on KIIS FM with on Friday has been posted. JC explained his Only Artist project which he says “is like a dot com company that I’m kinda starting. A kind of like… almost like a writer’s forum. It’s like what we’ll be doing is I’ll be putting like tunes on the website which are totally original, like songs that I wrote or whatever. And I’ll be giving them away for- it’s like they’ll be free. And what it’ll be it’ll be kind of like uh, like I’ll have this area where you can talk about what you like about it, what you don’t, and kinda like get some ideas about the writing styles and you know what people like about different things and what they don’t. It’ll be like an open forum in a way? It’s like my way of staying in touch with you know the fans while everyone’s off chillin and everything like that.”

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