JC Chasez To Release ‘Schizophrenic’ In February

JC Chasez’s Official International Fan Club sent out an e-mail update on Tuesday (December 23). The message indicates the star’s solo debut ‘Schizophrenic’ will be released sometime in February. Read on for the complete e-mail.

Dear JC Fans,

We’ve just heard from JC’s management that his album release date has been pushed back to some time in February. Once the holidays are over, JC and his management team will set down to decide on a date in February. As soon as we are informed about that confirmed date, we’ll send out another e-mail update to inform you.

Following the CD release JC is planning a theatre tour, not a club tour as rumored in some of the fan chat rooms. While we don’t have confirmed routing dates for this, he plans to visit as many cities as possible soon after the release of his CD. Please disregard the rumors and planned dates that are circulating in chat rooms and message boards. If things are confirmed, you will hear it from us!! Much of the leaked information (from sources that should know better!) is subject to change or cancellation. We wouldn’t want you to book plane flights and make hotel reservations based on misinformation.

We thank you if you have already joined JC’s Official Fan Club. The start date of your annual membership will be the CD release date. Management has settled on an official logo and photo and we hope to receive that soon. Once we get that, we’ll be putting together the fan packs for our members. JC has been kind enough to autograph a good number of photos that we will randomly insert into fan club member packages. See, it pays off to join early!!

We know there are lots of fans out there that are waiting until the CD lands in stores to join his official fan club. That’s OK too! We understand. Rest assured, that JC will make this CD well worth the wait.

From now on, we will be sending out these e-mail updates to registered fan club members only…….so please consider joining us. Please e-mail howdoijoinJCclub@yourfanclubs.com for more information and a registration form in an automated reply from us.

On behalf of JC, his management team and all of us at his official fan club, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a fantastic 2004!

Best wishes,

fan club manager for

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9 thoughts on “JC Chasez To Release ‘Schizophrenic’ In February

  1. jojob1987 says:

    I’ve waited for this for too long. They’ve been pushing it back since October! I cannot wait for this album to finally come out.

  2. single_female_lawyer says:

    Dammit to Hell JC!!!! I getting real fed up with this sh**. I know it isn’t you pushing it back but you gotta stand your ground and not let them push it back any more. I’ve been patiently waiting for your got damn CD since August. and it is getting real tiring seeing it get pushed back again and again. I want it NOW!

  3. skyangelcarter says:

    Man… I want to listen to this Cd so bad… but its release is always postponed…. I think that Justin has something to do with that…

  4. KeysGurl305 says:

    they should go ahead and release it…we all know its going to flop anyways!

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    1. the first single sucks. 2. I doubt it will be as big as Justin’s 3. sounds like the reason they’re pushing it back is to try to record some good material, but even that won’t help it.

  6. jojob1987 says:

    you lot obviously haven’t heard the rest of his stuff which is rather good. I can assure you that “Some girls” is not one of the best tracks that are going to be on it. “ADIDAS” & “Build My World” are amazing.

  7. schizo76 says:

    I happened to have gotten to see jc live and I thought that it was really impressive what he came up with and that some girl was definetely not the first single to put out, it wasn’t the best choice, I agree with build my world, that song is truly amazing, along with dear goodbye and I also love the song one night stand, I think that has a really catch tune. it also seemed that jc was really emotional about his stuff and its from the heart, so in my opinion when a artist does something from the heart, its better then if it was just jotted down to make it sell, I can’t wait for this CD to come out, and I’m proud for jc and I wish him well with it! (BTW all the people who are trying to put Justin and jc into competition, theres really no reason to do that!) :-D

  8. stallion says:

    I think one thing most music critic don’t realize is that JC is if not more talented than Justin Timberlake than just as. He was on the mickey mouse club house longer than Justin so he probably learned more than him. He was the first member of N’sync to figure out how to write songs but I agree I don’t think his first single is a good one I like it but I don’t think it is a good one he may do a good job performing it but I think he will do well.

  9. JCgirlandlegal says:

    JC is one of the most talented artists I’ve come across’, ‘I saw him live at the HOB on Sunset at the beginning of December and he totally floored me with his set. His songs were so different from each other. Not one was the same in content or melody or lyrics. He has an amazing stage presence and gives so much of himself in his performance. I have also seen Justin perform on his own and out of the two…JC kicks Justin’s ass 6 ways to Jupiter. However, I do not think that his album will do as well as Justin’s for the sheer fact that Justin is Justin and sells a lot off of his name and his fame. If JC had been the first of the group to release he might have had a real chance of becoming the bigger star…but alas I fear he’s doomed to be the George Harrison of the group…with Justin being John and Paul rolled into one (though lyrically I would give that title to JC if not both…JC is my Paul though since I’m not a huge personal fan of Lennon….musically he was cool though). As a person? JC kicks Justin’s ass 10 ways to Neptune. Justin said some pretty shady things in Rolling Stone and JC has NOT once, NOT once said a sour thing about anyone of his bandmates…all he has are words of love. If I had to stand infront of a bullet to insure that this world would get the keep the talents of one of the very talented members of N Sync it would without a doubt be JC…but let’s hope that never happens, I hear bullet wounds hurt.

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