JC Chasez Vs. Justin Timberlake: Their Fans Speak

Carrie Stetler of the Star-Ledger corresponded with teen fans of and JC Chasez, and asked which *NSYNC’er they preferred. Kathleen Towert commented, “Justin is way better now. I love the goatee thing he has going! Justin just sings better and has better songs.” Michelle Delcarpio disagreed, calling JC — “the coolest and sexiest man alive”– and insisted he sounds better than Justin. “His single from ‘Drumline’ was tha bomb,” wrote Michelle. “Every time I heard it on the radio I started to dance.”

Justin Timberlake ‘Flattered’ By BET Nominations

June 11, 2003 – Justin reacted to Launch.com after receiving best male R&B artist and best new artist for his work on his solo debut ‘Justified’. The star said, “It’s great. I remember when they played the first video on BET. I was like, ‘Woah!’ And that’s when I think I kind of realized that this was a bird of a different feather. I’m flattered for any nominations for any awards to be honest with you, but I think the biggest award I could possibly get is if somebody comes up to me and they’re like, ‘Hey, I just picked up your record and I really dig it.’ I just really enjoy it.” The third annual BET Awards will take place on June 24th and air live on BET from the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

Mayor Brown Parties With Christina & Justin At The Clift

June 10, 2003 – The San Francisco Chronicle reports SF’s Mayor Willie Brown stopped by the Clift on Thursday night, hobnobbed with of *NSYNC and danced with Christina Aguilera, who was hosting a party for her dancers. She said later that he has “some good moves.”

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2 thoughts on “JC Chasez Vs. Justin Timberlake: Their Fans Speak

  1. willywill82 says:

    Josh’s vocals were easily among the best of all the late 90’s pop/boy-bands. Easily. Here’s my rating:
    5.)Howie, Joey, Nick, etc.

  2. jennifer says:

    all the way JC chasez I love him he so cute I love him he is my best singer and my best love I really realy love him I love you JC you really amazing jc+me=meeting

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