JC Chasez’s KLUC Interview Transcript

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From 2nd, typed up by Fuskeez on LJ

Caller: “I can’t wait for your album to come out.”
JC: “Me either!”
Fan: “I want to know when you’re gonna be going on tour, if you are.”
JC: “Yeah, I’m gonna be hittin’ the road in the Fall or whatever, so, I’m gonna be droppin’ the record, the single, pretty soon and then I’m gonna go ahead on the road with it.”
DJ: “Now you put the record back.”
JC: “Yeah, it wasn’t me, I’ll be honest with you. But uh, but I guess it was for the right reasons, you know. My record’s been done for a couple of months but the record company feels like ‘okay well we have to set it up the right way and do the proper deal’ and me being a musician I’m like ‘no go, no go, it’s done, let’s go, let’s go, what are you waiting for?’
DJ: “The drop date that we have is October 21st, is that correct?”
JC: “You know what? I hope so. You know, as far as that’s concerned, as much as I want to kick and scream and say go, you know, again, it’s up to the record company when they think the right time is to put it out.”

DJ: “How much did you write?”
JC: “I wrote the whole thing.”
DJ: “You did? So now this is something that a lot of people may not know is that you also wrote when all you guys were touring as NSYNC, you wrote a lot of it.
JC: “Yeah, between J and I we wrote, we both wrote most of it on the last two albums.”
DJ: “What I think is something that a lot of people don’t realize, they see you as a performer and not as the other artistic end of it as the writer.”
JC: “But that was what was the best part about cutting my own record at this point I was like.. I wasn’t originally going to cut a record I was just writing songs and, you know, then Jive approached me and was like ‘why don’t you do a record?’ so I said ‘look, if I’m gonna do my record, don’t bother me.. this is gonna be my thing, it’s gonna be.. so it’s pretty virginal as far as, like, the feel of it.. it’s pretty unspoiled.”
DJ: “Which is nice that nobody gave you a hard time about it.”
JC: “Exactly. No, like I said, I said ‘don’t call me or I’m not doing it’ so I got to do my record my way from top to bottom.”
DJ: “Well you must’ve gained a lot of respect.”
JC: “I don’t even .. I don’t know about the respect business, you know, I always wanna say that I earn my respect and everything like that when you hear the music. But as far as that went, I just wanted to make my own kind of record and make a record that I would want to listen to, and hopefully it’s something that everybody else will want to listen to as well.”

DJ: “Congratulations on the VMA nomination. That was cool”
JC: “That’s cool, you know me, beatin’ Eminem, not this year. But next year, man! My contribution will be amongst the world and I will go ahead and try and whoop up on somebody!”

A fan outside says that he needs a girlfriend and he agrees saying “I’m tired of runnin’ around” so then the DJ dude mocks them and says:

DJ: “I love you too! I think you need a boyfriend, JC!”
JC: “I definitely don’t need a boyfriend, but I think I appreciate the offer? Aggghhhghghhhhhhh”

DJ: “Well we got your album, your solo project coming out, and then, uh, are the guys gonna get back together and go in the studio again?”
JC: “Yeah, that’s the plan, man. After like.. J had his run, um, actually his tour is ending tonight is his last show, but um, then I’m gonna make my run at it as well. And then, ya know, that way everybody’s happy and we’re gonna get back together after I’m finished kinda doin’ my run we’ll do another group record and then the group’s gonna have their run and then who knows where we go from there?”

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4 thoughts on “JC Chasez’s KLUC Interview Transcript

  1. elgato says:

    Nick’s second album will be out before JC’s. JC’s album will probably NEVER come out!

  2. Diablo27 says:

    That was a good interview. Can’t wait for his album to come out it should be pretty good.

  3. mamsieg says:

    Nick and JC are both gonna have great albums. I’m really really looking forward to Jc’s album, because I heard some of the previews and it’s the best sound I heard all year. I just hope Jive doesn’t keep screwing all the talent that they actually have. Elgato, man. I’m a big BSB fan but you are a disgrace on behalf on all the fans. Go crawl in a corner and die already you big baby. lol How old are you again?? 11?12? 7?

  4. Stallion says:

    JC album will be worth the wait. I know Jive will do the right thing with it.

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