JC Chasez’s ‘Schizophrenic’ Makes Disappointing Debut

Contributed by melyindaguerra:

According to hitsdailydouble.com JC Chasez’s ‘Schizophrenic” was expected to hit atleast 60,000 in its first week but fell short according to their peliminary numbers. Hitsdailydouble.com shows the star only reaching 52,531 a far cry from his bandmate Justin Timberlakes’ debut of ‘Justified’ nearing 450,000 in the first week.

To counteract this lack of sales I suggest Jive release another single soon. I bought this album the night before its official release and I think it’s amazing. There are no bad songs on this album.

I feel Jive did a horrible job promoting this album. First and foremost they changed the album release date three times leading to confusion. Secondly, they did little to promote the album. JC only appeared on a few talk shows in the days prior to the album release. Thirdly, they released what I feel is a weak song. The album is full of songs with stronger single potential.

For those of you that have ‘Schizophrenic’ please notify your friends about this album. Word of mouth and an additional single will do wonders for this album.

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