JD Says Janet Jackson Is A Bigger Star Than Britney

In an interview with Vibe magazine, Janet Jackson’s rumored fiance Jermaine Dupri denied that her Super Bowl breast flash was a publicity stunt similar to Britney Spears’ lesbian kiss with Madonna, insisting that Jackson is a bigger star than Spears. “[People] really want to believe that Britney and Janet are on the same level,” he said. “Janet has sold millions of records, why would she have to flash a boob to generate record sales?” Read more.

Janet Jackson’s Breast Flash Distraction

August 22, 2004 – According to The Drudge Report, Janet now claims that her Super Bowl breast flash incident was used by the Bush administration to distract people from the war in Iraq. The claim is made in the October issue of Genre magazine.

Appearing On ‘Will & Grace’

August 10, 2004 – Access Hollywood reports Janet will play herself in an episode of the hit NBC comedy ‘Will & Grace’, set to air September 23rd. The guest appearance will mark Janet’s first prime-time role in two decades and she couldn’t be more excited.

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7 thoughts on “JD Says Janet Jackson Is A Bigger Star Than Britney

  1. Pheobe says:

    If JT and Janet would just admit it was a publicity stunt people would stop asking them about it. But instead they choose to lie and deny. These celebrities never learn.

  2. Vanity87 says:

    Oh god, are people really comparing Britney Spears to Janet Jackson? Britney tries to be like Janet as well as Madonna, but she’ll never be like either. I notice a lot of the outfits she wears on stage are similar to Janet’s!

  3. jimmypee says:

    well DUH I like how he’s saying that Janet and Flopney aren’t on the same level…or in other words, Flopney is a pitiful media whore and does nothing but pr stunt after pr stunt, and Janet has actual substance. ouch!

  4. justanotherbitch says:

    Who is a bigger star.. Britney or Janet… Janet, at least she can sing and doesn’t walk around like an ugly white trash mutt with her thong showing and goes to the bathroom with no shoes at a gas station while wearing a hippie like skirt and chain smoking.

  5. ko says:

    I hope they don’t compare them. Janet is why Britney is even here. Britney copies her style of dancing. Janet is the icon…Britney is just a dumb hick.

  6. alm81 says:

    Well, when I think of Janet I think “singer” and when I think of Britney I think “someone who wanders around like a homeless, shoeless person wearing the most hideous clothing known to man…someone who doesn’t bathe and smokes her life away because she has all the time in the world. She doesn’t even want to sing anymore. She’s making that quite apparent. It doesn’t hurt my feelings because I don’t have to hear her hideous voice everywhere. But she thinks that by marrying a loser and acting like she just got off the turnip truck from Hicksville USA that she will somehow maintain popularity forever. News flash Brit…it will wear off pretty soon….probably about as fast as your marriage to Kevin “I don’t like working for a living” FED HER A LINE.

  7. trluk says:

    Some of the above jokes are way too lame. You all are living in the US so you have no idea that Britney is WAY bigger star internationally than Janet. Just check your statistics. Britney has had 5 no.1s in Europe, Janet has had none! Same story in Australia and Japan, Britney is a bigger star, no doubt. You Americans may think Janet is cooler cos she’s black but outside the US people look past skin colour when deciding things like that.

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