Jealously Surrounding Kelly Clarkson

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O.K., what’s up with everybody hating on Kelly Clarkson? I’m tired of all these people saying Kelly’s fat! Kelly’s weight is HEALTHY! She does not feel the need to succumb to Lara Flynn Boyle’s level. She sets a good example for women everywhere. It’s sad that people are more concerned with that then her actual career half the time. The girl is fine the way she is. She is already thin. The only difference between her and say is that Kelly prefers to wow people with her talent instead of showing off her body. Instead of the negative words written about her just think how you guys are making some people feel when you call someone like Kelly or Britney Spears fat when they are like size 7’s. There should be no standard for weight. The most important thing is that the person accepts and loves themselves.

Burleson’s ’15 Months Of Fame’ Thanks To Kelly Clarkson

7, 2003 – Fort Worth Business Press is profiling how ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson has helped popularize her tiny hometown of Burleson, Texas. “All I know is that 15 minutes of fame has stretched and is going stronger than ever – it’s as if she won yesterday,” said Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce President Greg Solomon. “Those 15 minutes might as well be 15 months.” Solomon said people really come into town looking for Clarkson; some even wind up staying, liking the community’s low crime rate, good police department and strong schools. “We’ve always been on the map, but Kelly has allowed people to find us,” Solomon said.

Kelly Clarkson Promo Interview

6, 2003 – recently caught up with Kelly, who is promoting her debut album in Europe. Kelly talked about winning the show, how she wanted her album to be something she’d be proud of, performing ‘Miss Independent’ on the ‘Idol 2’ finale and her thoughts on the hit single, her influences — including Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin, her new single ‘Low’, her international promotional tour, and more. Video has since been removed.

Kelly Clarkson Vs. The World

August 31, 2003 – According to USA Today, Kelly is reportedly set to face off against Idol champs from around the world in a two-hour special during the Christmas season on the same day in several countries. Taping would take place in London and the winner would be announced on a show a week later.

Kelly Clarkson Gets Ready For The VMAs

August 30, 2003 – Extra spent the day with ‘American Idol’ champ Kelly Clarkson as she prepared for the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night. Prior to the big award ceremony, she said, “I’m not nervous about the award, I’m nervous about the shoes.” As for the year that has seen her go from obscurity to stardom, Clarkson admits, “This year has been totally crazy, and I still haven’t stopped.” Video has since been removed.

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11 thoughts on “Jealously Surrounding Kelly Clarkson

  1. sexyxtina25 says:

    Kelly isn’t really fat she’s just chunky but she did look pretty big when she was on TRL but I really don’t care how much she weigh cause I don’t care for her or her music.

  2. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Well duh. Do you think that in a world where people actually use Britney Spears CDs for something other than coasters, someone’s actual TALENT is going to outshine their appearance? Fat chance (no pun intended)

  3. Roxy says:

    Kelly Clarkson has no talent for people to talk about so they talk about her in different ways. Ok, to on a level that people who probably don’t like what I just said, it’s bound to happen for people to talk about her that way, they do it to everyone and it’s a part of being famous.

  4. GymnastDude182 says:

    Well whoever wrote this article is probably fat lolol. and who the hell is saying Britney spears is fat??? I think they mean phat.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Kelly isn’t fat, and just because someone defends her look doesn’t mean “oh, they are fat too” cause by saying that you prove your ignorance of how the world works!! I am by no means fat…lemme just start out by saying that. I am by no means skinny either….could NEVER be less than a size 8 cause of the muscle tone and bones that I was born with….. Kelly isn’t fat!! She IS healthy…. I think she looks damn good, and it’s refreshing to have an idol for young girls to look up to that ISN’T the size of a twig. It isn’t right to have the people who little girls worship and idolize be pencil thin. Face it, the only people who look like supermodels are the supermodels! The girls who THINK they look like supermodels are generally hag like…too trashy…too much make up and not enough clothing!! (in other words, those who try to look like Britney) For the kids to have someone who talks about morals, and actually LIVES by them (one can tell), and to be average looking is awesome! As a future educator, a future parent, and someone who DOES deal with young girls quite a bit, I see the pressure put on them to look ‘perfect’. But lets find the definition for perfection, will ya? I mean, seriously….. The look that girls and guys too these days think is beauty….if I did that stuff to myself, I’d hope someone would put me out of my misery. There is a chick I go to school with that thinks she’s God’s gift… She cakes on the make up and dresses in skank all the time…. I think she’s ugly…. The look is far from attractive, and if you disagree with me, you have problems! What is wrong with a wholesome look? What is wrong with being sexy without pushing the envelope and selling yourself out? What is wrong with not wearing make up? Did you know your skin actually LIKES to breathe? Did you know you’re actually going to stay prettier in the long run if you DON’T wear make up? The longer you wear it the more you have to wear to keep a presentable appearance!! What is wrong with having a little meat on your bones? What is wrong with being who YOU are and not what your record execs tell you to be? I mean seriously, for as long as I’ve been seeing Kelly Clarkson on TV (quite a ways into Idol 1 to now), she has remained the same person…and the appearance hasn’t really changed either! She does what’s right for HER….and if eating a doughnut or candy bar is what’s good for HER, then by all means, do it. She has admitted that she works out…. She chooses to look the way she does…there is nothing wrong with it! What’s wrong is that people sit back and trash her for it. I have no tolerance for that kind of ignorance..

    Ok, so her tummy is tone……. that doesn’t make one skinny…….TOTALLY….. Her butt and thighs are disgustingly unproportioned to the rest of her. I would kill myself if I had her body…… And just cause someone defends Kelly doesn’t mean they must be fat too…… I seriously question the “morals” being taught to today’s youth because of comments like you made.

  6. thankful4kellbell says:

    I was the one who wrote this article and no I’m not fat I’m average. It’s wrong for someone to be judged by looks. Kelly has amazing talent and that’s all that should matter and she has a great body. She just prefers to dress with class unlike some other people that will remain nameless.

  7. weebongo says:

    Kelly is not that talented, her voice gives out very quickly when she performs live. When she sang Miss Independent during the AI2 final her singing was utterly atrocious. She might have already permanently ruined her voice and be in the same position as Mariah now.

  8. thankful4kellbell says:

    That’s when her voice was strained. If you had to sing so many places in so little time your voice would do it too. Isn’t everyone allowed an off day. I went to her concert and she’s an amazing performer I almost cried at her voice. I also got the privilege of meeting her she’s a very sweet and humble person. She went around shaking everyone’s hand going hi I’m Kelly and asking how they were. One thing about her concert she gave an amazing performance for like 13 songs. She sang a MARIAH Song better then Mariah!

  9. ballersfantasy says:

    Well I think Kelly Clarkson looks damn good. I agree with you guys who say she’s a role model for people who don’t have the “Britney body”. I also hate the fact that people call Mariah Carey fat, when she isn’t. I’ve seen her in person and she is actually pretty skinny. She’s just super tall so I guess people tend to think she’s fat. Anyways, more power to the people with curvy bodies whether it be Kelly, Mariah or X-tina.

  10. sexyxtina25 says:

    Kelly weighs more then Mariah,Christina and Britney. 1.Christina isn’t even fat she just have more sexy curves and hips now and breasts for days. 2. Mariah isn’t fat she’s tall and lean 3.Britney isn’t fat she’s just a little too muscular for my liking.lmao Christina rocks.

  11. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Kelly has an AMAZING voice!! I voted for her in the final round of Idol 1. I had never voted cause I wasn’t that into it, but after I heard her belt out “Before Your Love”, I knew I HAD to cast a vote for her! She’s amazing….. As for her sounding like crap on Miss Independent…..Have you EVER heard her sing that song well? That song is a great tune, but it should NOT be sung live. The verses are ok, but the chorus….if you don’t have a belting voice, you shouldn’t even attempt it. And even if you DO have a voice built to belt, it’s not an easy song to sing! It’s tough even for big voices!! You can’t judge her on THAT song…. Remember when she did “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”? Or any of the songs she did on Idol for that matter…. The first week I watched I wasn’t impressed…she was obviously having an off week then, cause the rest of the time I liked her. You can’t judge someone on ONE performance of a song that isn’t that great of one to sing live anyways….. Kelly is one HELL of a vocalist….she is at or near the top of a very short, elite list of singers who are DAMN good…… She has the power and the range that will take her a long ways….and if she’s smart, she’ll use it wisely as not to totally blow it out for good!! For those who are saying she can’t sing….listen again!! She is phenomenal….she can outsing anyone out today.

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