Jean-Claude Van Damme Is Behind Kylie Minogue’s Behind

WENN reports actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is taking credit for Kylie Minogue’s famously pert butt. Kylie and Jean-Claude met on the set of the ‘Street Fighter’ movie, and the Minogue was bowled over by Van Damme’s buns. The Belgian actor says, “Kylie mentioned my buttocks. I’ve shown them in a few movies, so I showed her a special move I did when doing ballet… Lie on the floor and contract buttocks for three seconds. The movement should have you lifting off the floor. Then relax. Then again. Do them about 30 times.”

Kylie Featured In Upcoming TV Documentary

November 26, 2002 – The London Star reports Kylie Minogue’s life will be laid bare in a new TV documentary, to be called ‘Kylie Entirely’. People have crawled out of the woodwork from miles around to have their 15 minutes of prime Kylie bitching time.

Prince Charles Congratulates Kylie After West End Debut

November 21, 2002 – The Prince of Wales met Kylie Minogue after she made her West End stage debut in ‘The Play What I Wrote’. As the pair chatted backstage, he told her: “I’m so glad you were in it tonight – you were fantastic.”

Kylie Thanks Fans For EMA Support

November 20, 2002 – Kylie Minogue posted a new message on her official website yesterday thanking them after her MTV European Music Awards win. Kylie says, “Thank you to all of you across Europe who voted for me in this year’s MTV Awards. Fantastic! I was thrilled to trot home on Friday night with two lovely awards. What a way to be nearing the end of the year and the end of the ‘Fever’ album promotion. Your support, as ever, is greatly appreciated. xx Kylie.”

Kylie Steps on West End At Prince Charles’ Request

November 20, 2002 – Ananova reports Kylie Minogue is to appear in the West End by royal appointment after the Prince of Wales asked her to be in one of his favorite shows. Producer David Pugh said, “I can’t reveal the name of tomorrow’s guest but we’re certainly lucky, lucky, lucky to have her. She’s the biggest star we’ve ever had – and also the tiniest.” He added, “Prince Charles had a list of people he would like to see perform and this person was his top choice.”

Kylie Provides Replacement Greatest Hits Album Cover

November 17, 2002 – The Sun has a photo of Kylie Minogue’s replacement cover to Jive Records greatest hits album that had her furious for using a lookalike. Kylie had blasted, “I find the cover tasteless. It is not me and is insulting to me and my fans.”

Christina And Kylie Attend Puffy’s MTV Awards Party

November 16, 2002 – Christina Aguilera and Kylie Minogue were on hand for Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs’ party in the Hills of Bacelona after the MTV Europe Awards in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday (November 14).

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