Jedward Share Their Excitement After Meeting President Obama

John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward, checked in with their Twitter followers (@planetjedward) on Monday (May 23) after meeting President Obama on his trip to Ireland earlier in the day. The Irish twins, who competed in ‘The X Factor’ in 2009, joined Westlife in performing for the president before giving a speech at College Green in Dublin. The 19-year-olds write:

We met @BarackObama it was a moment that will go down in History for Jedward

We were so excited about meeting him and he was so excited about meeting us @BarackObama

Yes we can @BarackObama we told him about Jed we can!

He wanted to know what Jedward meant! we said I’m John and I’m Edward together we are Jedward! @BarackObama

its was so cool that @BarackObama liked our Hair! Our hair has been approved by the Biggest person ever

We asked @BarackObama to follow us on twitter and gave Michelle Obama our twitter name @PlanetJedward

When we saw Michelle Obama we gave her a Jedward Hug and we were talking about going to the white house to meet her daughters

We were talking to @BarackObama about the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

We were given a box of @BarackObama ‘Seal of the president of the United States M&M’s we will never eat them they will always be sealed

We got pictures with @BarackObama but we are gonna be sent them! 3 awesome smiles! smiling all at the same time!

Barrack Obama looked exactly like he does in pictures and TV @BarackObama

We told Michelle Obama we saw here on loads of magazines like O Magazine and she looked really cool! and she said ah thanks

Meeting @BarackObama means alot to us One step closer to America = one step closer to Britney Spears

We can’t wait to go to the White House! @BarackObama

We Performed for President Barrack Obama he said thank you to us it was alot of fun

Its so cool a year ago we met President @BarackObama as a wax work but this time he was Real and he moved and he was a Jedward fan!

Watch a YouTube update from the pair after the event below.

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