Jem Preps February 2009 ‘Down To Earth’ Release In Europe/UK

announced that she’ll be releasing ‘Down to Earth’ in the UK and continental Europe on February 2, 2009, both the album and its title track. It also happens to be the birthday of her Welsh grandfather, who passed away in July, and would have turned 93. “It is so lovely and auspicious that the album is going to be released on his birthday,” Jem said. “There are no coincidences you know.” The album, which was released in the U.S. in September, is dedicated to him and her three other grandparents.

Jem will also be touring the UK and continental Europe in support of the release. “‘Down to Earth’ is different from ‘Finally Woken’ in a good way. As before, I mix up genres as I like listening to lots of different types of music so that’s what comes out. It is a little darker in parts and then a little lighter too, as is life.”

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