Jen And Ben Wedding Imminent

Guests were reportedly told about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s rescheduled wedding on Friday, and were ordered to keep tight-lipped about details. Despite the orders, one guest couldn’t keep their mouth shut, telling News of the World: “They are getting married in Santa Barbara. I can’t say any more because they’ve made us sign confidentiality agreements.”

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6 thoughts on “Jen And Ben Wedding Imminent

  1. rachell says:

    Whatever you all know that J.Lo is already married to another man by now.

  2. Carrie says:

    One day they’re getting married, the next they are breaking up. These two are completely insane. I don’t ever see a wedding between these two. I guess they have to have the media guessing, so they are just throwing news out there.

  3. Jive says:

    Wow! They’re marrying in Santa Barbara. Like that’s something new. I’m tired hearing and reading all about their wedding plans.

  4. fantasylover says:

    Funny how wedding plans are being “leaked” when the world and the media is focused on Michael Jackson right now. Isn’t that just the coincidence?

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    Another great fabricated story. If they’re getting married good for them, if they’re not whatever. I just think people need to sit back and just admire these two for what they are and have to offer, rather than being all up in their business 24/7. And if it’s true that their “friends” are leaking this info, maybe what they really need is to either elope or get new friends.

  6. fantasylover says:

    Yeah, admire these two for the fame whores that they are, hogging up headlines like it is going out of style. Truthfully, it is annoying to even look at these two right now.

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