Jenna Jameson Comes Clean On Britney Spears Rumors

Porn queen Jenna Jameson was on the Howard Stern show earlier today to shed more light on her rumored relationship with Britney Spears. Jenna said she was doing this appearance she does only once a year. She goes to this one club and makes an appearance. She was at this event talking about how infatuated she was with and this photographer had just been hanging out with her. The photographer claimed that Britney had a case full of DVDs and found one of Jenna’s in her case. Jenna heard that and got all excited that Britney was a fan of hers. She then went to one of her concerts and got to go back stage to meet her. She thought there was a lot of eye contact and winking when she was watching her sound check. Jenna claimed that Britney was looking at her throughout the concert. She said a couple of weeks went by after the concert and she got a phone call from her people who invited her to the opening of Britney’s restaurant Nyla. Jenna said she went to that and Britney was wearing a really low cut dress that night. Jenna said she was wearing a white tube top herself. She said she took a nice bath, shaved and prepped herself for her meeting with Britney. She told Howard that she was there about a half hour before Britney got there. She said her people kept her away from Britney and she never got to hang out with her. Jenna said the media had already reported that they were hanging out but she said they never even had a chance to meet. She said the media put that story out there before they even got to hang out.

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