Jenna Jameson Joins Britney Backstage In Arizona

Gossip guru Flo Anthony reports that porn queen Jenna Jameson went to see backstage at her concert in Arizona. Jenna had also been at Britney’s Nyla opening in New York last month. Audio has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Jenna Jameson Joins Britney Backstage In Arizona

  1. mellowyellow says:

    Britney hanging out with a porn star? What would her mother think?!

  2. Agent_M says:

    for not liking britney you sure do jump at the can to say absolutely anything , anything at all on news involving her in anyway shape or form , you must be a closet fan

  3. mellowyellow says:

    I could say the same thing about you and NSYNC news.

  4. jimmyp says:

    That chick has turned girls into lesbos. I saw it on Howard Stern.

  5. Agent_M says:

    she could turn me into a lesbo

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