Jenna To Be Backup Dancer For Justin’s VMA Performance

Marty Kudelka fan site reports that he’ll be handling choreography for *NSYNC star for the Video Music Awards on Thursday (August 29). In addition, Mary will be one of the backup dancers onstage, along with Kelly Konno, Eddie Morales, Roger Lee, and Justin’s rumored girlfriend, Jenna Dewan.

Nick Possibly Performing With Justin At VMA’s

August 24, 2002 – Contributed by we_sacrifice_a_duck: Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC is performing his new solo single ‘Like I Love You’ at the VMA’s on MTV on August 29th. In an interview a few days ago he said that there was a special guest performing with him and that “nobody would think that we’d ever be performing together.” Rumor has it that it could be Nick Carter of the who has just released a new single as well entitled ‘Help Me.’

Admin note: Anyone know where Justin supposedly made this comment?

Solo Efforts May Signify End Of An Era

August 23, 2002 – Katrillion profiled the several acts which have seen its members recently do solo albums, including Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC, and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Whitney Matheson,’s Pop Candy columnist commented, “They may signify the end of an era. I don’t think the boy bands are going to be the same after the solo albums come out. Destiny’s Child, however, may go on, especially since they’re a bit younger than the others.”

People Magazine Article Now Online

August 23, 2002 – People Magazine’s big interview with has been posted online. In it, Britney talks about her split with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, her parents split, stalking Brad Pitt’s mansion, her eroding good girl image, and more. On the subject of weaker album sales with her latest album ‘Britney’, the singer said, “Selling 5 million records is still good. I don’t want to get jaded thinking I have to sell 10 million every time. It’s not about that.”

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7 thoughts on “Jenna To Be Backup Dancer For Justin’s VMA Performance

  1. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    OH NO!!!!! I hope that is not his girlfriend.To tell you the truth, she really isn’t cute. But she can be his background dancer. I know he is gonna snap off. You go Justin!

  2. Chocokitty says:

    Here we go with the judgmental crap again. Get a grip, it’s not that deep. Stop taking it so personal. He didn’t break up with you… “Fans” scare me, they really do. I’m one, but wow, I know where fantasy starts and reality begins.

  3. Fan says:

    Talk about lack of respect. Bringing Jenna to perform with him, while Britney watches from the audience in front of the entire world.

    Classless and tacky. Justin Timberlake just lost all the respect he had in my books.

  4. DiVa4LiFe says:

    All of those dancers listed used to dance for Janet, and Kelly who is one of the co-choreographers is one of Janet’s best friend, I don’t know about Jenna dancing in the performance she wasn’t at rehearsal.

  5. sweetcheeks says:

    1. The Justin and Jenna thing is a RUMOR!

    2. Jenna is a very good dancer and has a lot of experience. Why wouldn’t you want the best up there on stage with you.

    3. Britney and Justin still talk to each other occasionally and have no beef. The only people who are probably making a big deal out of the Jenna thing are Fans(pun intended) and media.

    4. Justin is a grown ass man, a relationship that has been OVER for almost six months now should not dictate his every decision.

    5.(my last point, I swear!) I wish people would stop trying to find any little thing to pick on Justin for. Justin haters are even complaining about the charity work he’s doing!

    Let him do his thing, and try not to let media and tabloid garbage judge your level of respect for someone you don’t even know.

  6. dum_BLONDE says:

    I’m not trying to stir up anything, just wanna share my opinion. I can understand that Jenna may be a really good dancer, and maybe they aren’t really dating; maybe it is just a rumor. But rumor or not, it doesn’t seem to classy that he chose her to be his back up dancer when he full well knows that Britney will be there watching. It’s almost like he’s saying that he knows it’s a rumor, but he wants Jenna up there anyway just to show Britney a thing or two, which seems a little Catty of him…but oh well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

  7. Izzy says:

    No offense, but if Jenna dances with Justin at VMA’s he must really want to rub it Britney’s face. If this is the case I’ve lost all respect for Justin. I thought he was above that kind of behavior.

    For all those inquiring as to what Jenna looks like….one rough, skanky looking girl. Not at all on the same class level as Britney.

    I read Justin’s grandmother said Britney would not be welcome at his new pad in LA. Why is that? I thought for his grandmother to give that quote to a reporter was pretty tacky.

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