Jennifer Ellison’s Dangerous Life With Fiance

The Mirror reports is playing down the risks of her romance with fiance Tony Richardson, the target of Liverpool gangsters, and seems to revel in the respect she gets as a gangster’s moll. “You never see Jenny and Tony apart – he’s like a lap-dog following her everywhere,” a manager of one of Ellison’s favorite bars revealed. “Tony usually keeps himself to himself – I’ve never seen him start a fight. But everyone knows his face and that makes him an easy target. Jen’s a gorgeous girl, but some of the places around town have wanted to bar her and Tony for the trouble they attract. When the bouncers see them coming it can put them on edge because they know they’ll have to be on their guard in case something kicks off. And some celebrities have avoided coming to our bar when they know Jen and Tony are in. No one wants to get mixed up in all the violence that follows them.”

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