Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Shopping In Vancouver

Contributed anonymously:

I work as a manager at Blockbuster Video in Vancouver. We have several movie actors who come in because my store is situated right next to a major movie studio. Anyways, my co worker runs up to me and says: ‘You won’t guess who’s in the store: Ben and J.Lo’. Sure enough I look, and there is Ben Affleck and standing in the sell-thru section. They were dressed in sweats and they kept on cuddling and holding each other. Ben is actually very tall (6″3) and muscular. Jen is actually very beautiful in person. Her skin is flawless and she didn’t seem real. I didn’t mean to look, but she was standing backwards, and I got a glimpse of her derriere. It actually isn’t as infamously big as everybody says it is. She is very petite like a doll. They were in the store for about 30 minutes. Me and my fellow co-workers made a bet on who would get to handle them at the check-out till. Of course, I had all the old ladies who didn’t know how to work the debit. Then I had this lady who was literally pinching each penny. I wanted to mow her down and say make way for J.Lo and Ben lol.

She was finally done and it was just perfect timing because Ben and Jen were next. They came over to my till. My hands were literally shaking. She was standing 1 foot away from me and leaning over the counter. I could even smell her perfume. I asked them if they were in town filming a movie and J.Lo said ‘Yes!’. Ben didn’t seem to want to talk, and Jennifer seemed resistant to talk b/c of Ben. My fellow co worker said to them ‘I just want to tell you that you have a beautiful voice and Ben, you’re a great actor, I loved you in Daredevil !’ They both said ‘Thank You !’ Then I asked if they wanted to buy ‘Star Trek Nemesis’ and Ben said ‘Oh yeah, that’s the first movie we’re watching when we get home’. I was such a dork and I asked if J.Lo was a ‘trekkie’ and she said ‘Definitely not !. Then the customers started noticing and they formed a lineup around the stars and asked for autographs. I told them ‘I hope you enjoy your stay in Vancouver and come again’. Jen said ‘Thank You’. She was very shy, but polite and much friendlier than Ben. Ben was very protective and seemed to want to be left alone. I guess they just wanted to have their time alone together. In all due respect, all the ladies asked for J.Lo’s signature, but not Ben’s. Funny, how they can’t even buys some movies without starting a frenzy. I didn’t want to ask for their autographs because they really acted like they wanted privacy. They’re just PEOPLE! The newspaper called and wanted to interview us, but we had to decline. But I’m giving my MKfers an inside scoop.

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