Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Spoofed In ‘South Park’

and Ben Affleck were immortalized on the April 16th episode 705 of ‘South Park’ entitled ‘Fat Butt and Pancake Head’. One of Cartman’s body parts becomes too famous for its own good. The real Jenny From the Block is enraged to learn that a new ‘Diva’ has stolen her record deal and her boyfriend! South Park will never be the same after Jenny & Ben meet the new ‘Ms. Lopez.’

Advised To Remake ‘Carmen’

April 25, 2003 – Liz Smith responded to the rumor she posted the other day about Jennifer starring in a remake of ‘Flashdance’. Smith says, “If Lopez were to remake anything, she’d do well with ‘Carmen,’ the classic tale of a lusty gypsy who leads men to ruin. She is a convincing, earthy actress. She was really quite good in every scene in ‘Maid in Manhattan’ that did not include her tragically miscast leading man, Ralph Fiennes. It was an absurd movie, but Lopez leant a sense of reality to the silliness.”

Jenny From The ‘Burbs

April 25, 2003 – While proudly sang how she grew up humble in ‘Jenny From The Block’, a new TV documentary from Channel 4, ‘Behind the Behind’, brings the story tumbling down. The documentary reveals that Lopez came from a nice neighborhood and had a private education. Retired policeman Henry Palayo, who has known the Lopez family for 20 years, says, “She’s another Hollywood star who’s forgotten where she comes from. She’s very artificial – more artificial than a plastic rose.” Ex husband Ojani Noa recalled, “She would go shopping a lot – she never hung out with people from the Bronx.” Behind The Behind is on Channel 4 on Wednesday (April 30) at 10pm GMT.

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