Jennifer Lopez And Benny Medina Reunite

The New York Post reports that after their ugly split in 2003, has reunited with former manager Benny Medina. Medina will handle Lopez’s music career while her business partner, Simon Fields, will continue to work on her movie and clothing deals, sources say. But some think Medina’s time is limited, thanks to J.Lo’s controlling hubby . “Marc acts like her manager now,” said a pal.

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez And Benny Medina Reunite

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    And What Does Ms. Mariah Carey Think Of This? I Don’t Know How That Would Work With Them. Cause Of The Whole Mariah/JLo Thing.

  2. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    I think Mariah will eventually leave him for a better manager, even if his involvement with JHo is limited. Then again, he fooled her into hiring him, so she may end up staying with him if he does the fast talking again. I really hope she leaves him though; he hasn’t done anything significant for her. She needs to realize that. L.A. is responsible for her new image and sound, not Benny, even though he’s attempting to take full credit.

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