Jennifer Lopez Appears On ‘Mira quién baila’

made an appearance on Spanish TV for the program ‘Mira quien baila’ (‘Look Who’s Dancing’) in Barcelona, performing ‘Que Hiciste’. Watch footage from her appearance at YouTube. Check out pictures from BigPictures and RexFeatures.

J.Lo & Marc Present ‘El Cantante’ At Showest 2007

Jennifer Lopez 'El Cantante'

March 17, 2007 – Jennifer Lopez and hubby attended the introduction of their independent movie ‘El Cantante’ during Showest 2007 at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday (March 14). Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages.

Marriage Troubles For Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony?

March 11, 2007 – The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez’s marriage with has hit a possible rough patch. “There was a fight on New Year’s Eve,” said a source who saw Lopez that night. Another spy said, “There was a fight after she performed at the Super Bowl, and when she had an album-listening party in Miami two months ago, there was an issue.” When J.Lo stood up and talked about her upcoming album saying, “This is my dream and Marc and I worked so hard on this album… Marc, would you like to say something?” – Anthony coldly responded, “No,” and looked away. Among the issues dividing them is Lopez putting off pregnancy, and Marc’s interested in Scientology. “They fight, sure, but everyone fights,” a friend of the couple argued. “They’re fine,” insisted Lopez’s rep.

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Appears On ‘Mira quién baila’

  1. hooker says:

    Seriously, I see Jlow the next Britney Spears, no offense, please. If Jlow and her official/real husband number three#3 not handsome Marc Anthony’s marriage will last for 10 years, Jlo will be the next bankrupt Britney Spears. (only desperate women marry Marc Anthony, no offense, please, but I say that with true sincerity. Yikes, I just don’t like him no matter how you convince or torture me to like him, it doesn’t change the way I feel about him, honest to God. I am not desperate to marry a guy who had a child out of wedlock to his former live-in police woman girlfriend, no way, please. I can still bear if Marc Anthony is handsome, the problem is, my God, he looks untidy, and a drug addict, etc.) And if their real marriage will last, for 10 years, under California law, half of the dirt of empire of Jlo will begiven to not handsome, user Marc Anthony, yikesss! In my opinion, Marc Anthony married Jlo not for love but for money, because, come on, he is not a big star earning much money where will he get all the money for all his 3 children under they reach 18 years of age, excluding his alleged one child to a former waitress- exotic dancer, eh. 1 to his former live-in police woman, then 2 to his former more decent ex-wife beauty queen, and 1 for his alleged son, yikesss! I think Marc should have yearly physical examination. I found him to be a man whose easily sexually aroused, yikesss, he has children by multiple women, that’s not good, he scared me to death, honest to God.. And why in the hell Marc Anthony and Jlo have no conscience in admitting their wrongdoings? My God, the other one had suffered so much, to be honest. Do these two still have conscience in God. Don’t you know that one suffered before because of you both? I bet, these Marc Anthony and Jlo will divorce because they have inflicted pain to others immorally. I’m sorry but I will never reverse or take back something I have said before, I stand by my words, forever. And even if these real-life husband and wife Jlo and Marc Anthony still divorce, there’s no way she’ll ever take him back, she’s now happily contented in life, please. And she is not a stupid person, may I remind that to real-life husband and wife, not handsome Marc Anthony and Jlo, these guys are so fake when it comes to attitudes, they really know how to roll the camera to gain the sympathy of the public. Yikes, I just can’t withstand them both, honest to God. I feel vomiting just to read news of them. Sorry, too late. “Bridge of no return”, forever, of course, no lie, please. The worst thing you(lady) will do, is marry a guy who had a child out of wedlock, no offense, please. Yikesss!

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