Jennifer Lopez Attends Birthday Party For Ben Affleck’s Mom

The Boston Herald has more details on and Ben Affleck’s intimate dinner at the elegant L’Espalier, where they celebrated the birthday of Ben’s mother Chris. Spies in the kitchen say the Affleck party, who toasted Chris’ birthday without alcohol, started with a cheese course, then dined on the Maine dayboat lobster appetizer, while J.Lo had the beef tenderloin and her fiance had the pot-roasted chicken, and finally had pumpkin souffle for dessert while Chris ordered up a chocolate brioche cake which came out with a candle.

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Attends Birthday Party For Ben Affleck’s Mom

  1. rangergirl says:

    Let’s see they had cheese & pumpkin souffle – hopefully they didn’t have too much gas. LOL Also, I guess they toasted Ben’s Mom Birthday without any alcohol because of Ben’s drinking problem. How nice and lovely.

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