Jennifer Lopez Attends Marc Anthony’s Tour Opener In Houston

looked on in the audience as husband Marc Anthony performed with Alejandro Fernandez and Chayanne, kicking off their U.S. Tour in Houston, on Wednesday (August 17) at the Toyota Center. Check out pictures from WireImage.

J.Lo Shops On Melrose

August 12, 2005 – rounded off a huge shopping trip at Maxfield on Melrose Avenue on August 6th with lunch at The Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Attends Marc Anthony’s Tour Opener In Houston

  1. Mable says:

    WHY DOESN’T SHE HELP HER HUSBAND!’, ‘One Spanish reporter at the concert said Marc looked “dangerously skinney”, and another said he couldn’t even “hide his extreme thinness under his jacket”. How can she claim she loves this man when he is deteriorating by the day? He never looked this bad and only started changing since he has been married to her. All she seems to care about is attending his concerts so the Latino/Spanish audience can applaud her and the papparazzi can make a BIG DEAL out of taking her pictures, yet she stopped showing interest in that audience when she was dating Ben Affleck! Yes Marc Anthony cans sing, but Lopez always looks like the picture of good health, while her husband looks like crap! If she was any type of a loving wife, there is no way Marc Anthony would continue to look as bad and sickly as he does! His wife would be there for him and see to it that he gets the medical attention, or whatever type of help that he needs.

  2. tlady says:

    She doesn’t need to help him because he doesn’t need any help. Obviously you’ve never seen him perform. He’s on tour now and there is no way he could perform night after night the way he does if he were ill. There is nothing wrong with him. Marc has been that size his whole adult life. Why can’t people just leave them alone? Why does she have to have a motive just to attend an event of here husband? If she wants to take pictures of her husband, what the hell is wrong with that? Very normal, I would say. What, is she not supposed to do anything because somebody might take a picture. Give me a break!! First it was a bunch of crap on here that they wouldn’t last 6 months. It’s always something from the haters. BTW, that reporter has probably no clue of anything about Marc, just needed to say something negative. I’ve been a fan of Marc’s for a long time and trust me he’s the same size he’s always been, the only thing different is his facial hair which makes him look different. It takes a lot of stamina to perform the way he does every night. He’s not ill and he’s not using drugs to perform!!

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    Correction, he’s THE greatest right now. No one even comes close.

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