Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck And The Legacy They Leave

Roger Friedman of weighed in on the split between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. He writes, “Was anyone in favor of it? Affleck’s mother and friends objected to it. Lopez’s longtime manager was forced to endure a painful separation from his friend and client because of it. Affleck prostituted himself in Lopez’s music video. Lopez had to read about Affleck’s extra-curricular adventures in the tabloids.” Friedman added, “J.Lo and Ben will almost certainly blame overheated media attention for their break up, and they’ll be right to some extent. Us Weekly and The Star tabloid literally built whole careers and circulations on the ill-fated romance. But the couple courted the attention, too. As much as they said they hated the limelight, Affleck and Lopez were drawn to it, and ultimately it did them in.” Read more.

Jennifer Lopez To Skip Golden Globes’ Red Carpet

January 23, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: According to Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer will be attending this years Golden Globes, but without Ben Affleck by her sexy side. ET reported Thursday that Jen and Ben have called off their engagement and parted ways. And in light of her situation, J.Lo has told Globe organizers that she’d prefer to skip the red carpet, sneak in a back door and not do any press.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez React Differently Following Split

January 23, 2004 – Us Weekly reports Jennifer appeared to be enjoying her new freedom Wednesday night after her split with Ben when she joined business advisers for dinner at the West Hollywood hot spot Morton’s. “She was laughing and talking the entire night,” a witness told the magazine. “She looked more relieved than upset.” Meanwhile, Affleck was spotted gambling with friends at an L.A.-area casino, hitting the tables until 5 a.m. “Ben looked really, really tired,” a source revealed. “He looked down.”

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck After Break Up

January 23, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Red Hot J.Lo had photos, since removed, of Jennifer going to an office in West Los Angeles, just hours after announcing her break up with Ben. In the meantime, Affleck has been spotted having a lunch with a friend at ‘Frankie & Johnnie’s N.Y. Pizza’. The site has also posted photos of Jen driving her car in Los Angeles and pictures when she’s leaving a hot spot in Miami not wearing her engagement ring (January 15th).

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck And The Legacy They Leave

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    What a hater this a-hole is!!!! He said Eva Mendes is a better actress than Jennifer, has he seen Out of Sight, U-Turn, Selena, or Blood and Wine? and has he seen All About the Benjamins, Out of Time, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico? she just doesn’t compare to Jennifer in any way shape or form. Also, why isn’t anyone mentioning the fact that 2 weeks before Eva and Matt reportedly began going out, Eva was on Jay Leno gushing about her non-famous boyfriend, and how in love they were? People are quick to jump to conclusions and hate, but in all honesty Jennifer did not deserve what Ben did to her, and people should respect her pain.

  2. OohSexxy says:

    Yep I work at an airport and I seen Eva Mendes with a guy and they looked cozy, also I seen that Jay Leno episode. But sorry to say JLover I do think Eva Mendes is a better actress than J.lo if not they’re in the same boat I really don’t think neither are great actresses, but I’m not dogging them that’s just my opinion. AND what does J.Lo’s shape and form have to do with her being a better actress than Eva it has nothing to do with it, I know you love J.Lo and every thing about her but that doesn’t make her the best actress in the world sorry to say but I’ve seen WAY better.

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    REPLY. Ok, In any way, shape, or form is a figure of speech, you just say that when you want to state that two things are completely different, that’s what I meant, not that Jennifer has a better body (even though I think she does) because that is irrelevant. I’m not saying Jennifer is the best actress in the world, I’ve never said that, I just happen to think she’s a lot better than the ones she gets compared to. I don’t dislike Eva and I’ve actually enjoyed those movies but I think when you compared the ones I mentioned by Jennifer to the ones that Eva has done so far, Jennifer is a better actress.

  4. Caramele11 says:

    Jlover, I agree that J-lo is the better actress. But you got to expect them to compare the two. There aren’t that many Latinas in Hollywood. So of course they want to make it seem like its a competition. I hate that! They do that to Black actors too. So don’t sweat it. I think maybe they are saying that Eva is the better actress because she is really hot right now.

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