Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Check Out Savannah Property

The New York Post reports and fiance Ben Affleck looked at a “plantation” in Savannah, Georgia after returning from their Paris trip on Monday. “It’s a property they are very seriously interested in,” an insider said. The couple left for Montreal after inspecting the Greek revival mansion.

Valet Demands Tip, Jennifer Lopez Reluctantly Pays

April 17, 2003 – The Daily Star reports Jennifer reacted badly to a parking valet when he asked for a $5 tip. The parker says, “J.Lo moaned that she had no change, before asking if I knew who I was talking to. Then she told me that I had driven her car and that I should think myself lucky. J.Lo didn’t want to cough up a penny, but I brown-nosed her a little. I told her I polished her motor, just because I was so proud to have driven it.” And his tactic paid off – Lopez reached into her glove compartment and handed the man a $10 tip.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck On Us Weekly Cover

April 16, 2003 – This week’s Us Weekly cover features Ben and fiance Jennifer in their ‘Weddings of the Year’ cover story.

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