Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Shopping In Savannah

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and Ben Affleck are back together and back to their extravagant lifestyle. The off-again-on-again couple are spending time at Affleck’s Hampton Island, Georgia country home, but their pair are still living the city life as Lopez went to nearby Savannah to a day spa. Affleck picked up his beauty in a black Range Rover in an alley behind the spa, protected by local police. But the hunky actor took time, amid all the chaos, to sign an autograph for an adoring fan.

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5 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Shopping In Savannah

  1. Carrie says:

    They need to be left alone. How else is this relationship ever gonna last. Those two need some normalcy, especially Affleck before he goes ballistic. My wish for them is to disappear from the cameras for awhile. I don’t want to see them in the magazines. I want to see new faces. This camera soap opera could only lead to doom.

  2. MistySl says:

    A lot of people are jealous of Jennifer because she is a triple threat: singer, actress, dancer. not to mention a perfume and fashion pioneer. a lot of these girls wish they had her power, like Britney, Mariah and Christina they will never reach her status.

  3. Carrie says:

    You’re so right. Not only jealousy but envy. Unfortunately this relationship won’t last because of just that. Affleck’s friends and family don’t like her because of all the publicity she brings. They’ll always influence him because he’s weak. He’ll end up like Puffy eventually. Moving on to someone else because he was too coward to show the world his love for her. I’m her fan. I’m just hoping that one day she can find true love with someone like herself. I think that and starting a family is always on her mind. I think she deserves that. It’s part of being a woman and part of life.

  4. fantasylover says:

    Not a good singer, okay dancer, and mediocre actress. No offense but the jealousy is just an argument as to why people don’t like her and I’m sorry but it is getting old. There are many people who more talented than her and they don’t have to whore out a relationship to do it. So what if Mariah and Christina are not her status? It is because they don’t spread themselves too thin and gush about a boyfriend to get attention. At least they both have a god given talent and they got famous off of just that, talent!

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    4…and counting! Jennifer Lopes ISN’T all that! Sure, she’s a GREAT dancer, and a pretty decent actress (not worth the $12 million or so that she brings in per movie), but she’s good. But all this other stuff that she does…it makes me sick! The more I’ve thought about it since replying to this the FIRST time it was posted…..and not Carrie, but MistySl…..after thinking on it, sure, it’s great a woman has been able to conquer every aspect of entertainment… But at the same time, it’s incredibly arrogant! I don’t like the air she gives off most days…like a “I’m desired and lusted and I know it” sort of thing. And by putting her foot in EVERY door there is open for her, she’s just showing that. I’m not jealous…..envy is pretty much the same thing….. I don’t envy anything about her. She can’t escape the cameras for ANYTHING…not even a day at the spa! Nobody deserves that, but at the same time, people like her, and Britney, and Mariah….they bring it all on themselves!

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