Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Spend Big On Savannah Estate

The New York Post reports and fiance Ben Affleck have spent a reported 10’s of millions on 83 acres of land on an island off Savannah, Georgia. “They flew in to Savannah last weekend and took a helicopter to the front yard of their new home,” a source revealed.

Jennifer Lopez’s Glow Millions On The Line

April 22, 2003 – A pending lawsuit against Jennifer’s original scent could force the singer and actress to fork over millions to a tiny California company that has sued her for trademark infringement. If Lopez loses the case, she and her company, Sweetface Fashion, and licensing partner Coty could be forced to turn over all the profits of her best-selling fragrance, Glow by J. Lo, to tiny Glow Industries, which maintains it had the name first. Lopez told Inc. via e-mail, “I try not to get too crazy about mistakes in business or lapses in judgment. No matter what the mistake, there is always a lesson to be learned by it. I take the good, leave the bad, and move on.”

‘Grizzly’ Star Furious With Jennifer Lopez’s French Business

April 21, 2003 – Apparently Jennifer’s Louis Vuitton ad campaign has infuriated many right wing Republicans. The Globe received a letter from well-known Republican and former ‘Grizzly Adams’ star Dan Haggerty, who called J.Lo “a traitor. She’s just taking Judas money to front some French fashion designer. She should be ashamed.” No comment from Lopez’s spokesman to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jennifer Lopez Signs Up For Austin Powers Film

April 20, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Jennifer has signed up for a $9.4 million part in the next Austin Powers flick, playing the spoof spy’s love interest. A source at New Line commented, “It’s a brilliant signing. She loved the previous films and can’t wait to do the comedy with Mike.” The movie is provisionally titled ‘For Your Thighs Only’.

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