Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Wedding Pictures For Sale

Jeannette Walls of reports Jennifer Lopez and fiance Ben Affleck are in negotiations to sell exclusive rights to their wedding photos, with the most likely buyer being British tabloid OK! “It’s a very risky thing to do in terms of public image,” said the source. “But we’re talking a lot of cash. My understanding is that it’s a seven-figure price, and then OK! would re-sell it to U.S. publications.”

Jennifer Lopez Wants To Marry Where Princess Di Did

May 27, 2003 – According to British magazine New!, Jennifer wants to marry Ben Affleck in London. J.Lo reportedly is eyeing St. Paul’s Cathedral as the perfect location, as it is the same place used for the late Princess Diana’s 1981 marriage to Prince Charles. Lopez told friends, “I fell in love with this church after watching the Princess Diana wedding in the early ’80s.” An inside source explained, “Jennifer feels that, at third time lucky, she could do with some help, and feels that the UK – where she is always warmly received – would make a great start for her wedding to Ben. She knows people will laugh, but she has this dream of a fairy-tale wedding and sees St. Paul’s as the perfect setting.”

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