Jennifer Lopez Childproofing Miami Mansion

In Touch magazine reports that Jennifer Lopez is childproofing her Miami mansion with new hubby Marc’s three kids and their plans to have their own children. “Jennifer’s Miami digs were her ultimate bachelorette pad,” an insider said. “But now that she’s going to be a stepmom – as well as hopefully a mother herself – she’s transforming the place from a party pad to a family home.”

Jennifer Lopez’s No Diva At Photoshoot

July 25, 2004 – Recently, Jennifer Lopez shot the September cover of Marie Claire at famed artist Hunt Slonem’s 100-room studio in the West Village, and even though the shoot ended up taking all day she was “extremely hardworking and respectful,” Slonem tells The New York Post.

Enjoying The Perks

July 23, 2004 – Jennifer Lopez is about to heat up the pages of InStyle magazine and only ‘Extra’ has the sexy model who shares the tango-inspired spread with the star — Italian model Juliano de Rossi. “She’s super nice and extremely friendly to the crew,” de Rossi revealed.

J.Lo and Michael Vartan Filming ‘Monster-In-Law’

July 23, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan were photographed fooling around during a scene of the upcoming movie ‘Monster-In-Law’ on Wednesday (July 21). According to, it was the final day of shooting.

Jennifer Lopez Excited About Sitcom Project

July 23, 2004 – Sky News reports that Jennifer is keen to branch out into TV after success in music and film. “I have been offered my own sitcom – which I am very excited about,” she said.

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Childproofing Miami Mansion

  1. Mr_IceFire says:

    Jennifer is always looking for to expand her empire.. look, when you are a girl you can dress from top to bottom like J-Lo.. now she gets her own sitcom.. maybe a new “Moesha” thing like Brandy did but I don’t think it’s a good idea to a sitcom because when Brandy did that sitcom she was not famous… When you say the name Jennifer Lopez everybody knows what you’re talking about.. I think people can’t see the difference between the character and the real person… so that they not feeling the sitcom but maybe it turn out great like the 70’s show will see :)

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    This is BS because Jennifer’s already had sitcoms. Before she was famous. 3 of them to be exact, they were short-lived, but she still did that. So even if she was going to do a sitcom she wouldn’t be “branching out” she’d be “going back”.

    Unfortunately, if Jen is doing all this, I hope she understands that she’s going through all of this for Arianna and possibly any children she might have. I don’t think Christian and Ryan will ever be able to see the inside of her house. Not unless Marc takes Dayannara to court and they order that she let him take them.

  3. MillyaBella says:

    Unless she was a Fall replacement won’t happen anytime soon & without a concept or direction all she is doing is filling in her BLANK agenda calendar with wishful thinking she’ll be someplace with a lunch wagon five days a week!

  4. Carrie says:

    I hope Jen has a child of her own. The girl seems to want to have one so bad. I just saw her most recent pictures at the filming of Monster-in-law and she looked real thin to me. If she were pregnant at least something would be somewhat puffed up. This Marc relationship is so private that I have my doubts about it. Her In Style cover picture doesn’t even show her with neither of the rings that Marc has given her. I still think she’s heartbroken but would never let on. Looks like Affleck is having a merry old time stealing other peoples girlfriends as usual. Looks like he made the move on Jennifer Garner and the girl ran off with him leaving poor Michael Vartan in the dust.

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