Jennifer Lopez Convinces Her Man To Pose Nude For Man

The London Star reports has ‘seduced’ fiance Ben Affleck into appearing naked in adverts for Jennifer Lopez’s new aftershave, called Man.

J.Lo Worries Engagement Talk Is Boring Her Fans

November 26, 2002 – Jennifer Lopez tells the Scottish Daily Record that all the talk of her engagement to Ben Affleck may be wearing thin on her fans. “I’ve said so much already and I feel like everybody is bored with it,” she said. Lopez did talk about reports of a Valentine’s Day wedding though. “That won’t happen. I can confirm that,” she revealed. The couple have to figure out which church they’ll make the walk. “I would like to get married in a church, in a Catholic church,” she said. “But Ben’s Episcopalian, so we’d maybe get married in an Episcopalian church.”

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