Jennifer Lopez Denies She Cheated On Cris Judd

WBLS shock jock Wendy Williams played host to Jennifer Lopez on Friday where she was grilled on whether she had cheated on Cris Judd with Ben Affleck while they were married, a charge made by Judd’s father in the National Enquirer. “No. Contrary to what everyone believes, I’m a very faithful person,” she said. “I believe in loyalty.” As for whether she knew people called her the derogatory nickname ‘J.Ho’, Lopez said, “I’m sure they do, but you’re the first person who has ever said it to my face.”

Ruven Afanador Says J.Lo Resisted The Booty Shot

28, 2002 – Ruven Afanador on photographing Jennifer Lopez showing off her infamous booty in Entertainment Weekly: “It was during that whole time that her butt was what everyone was talking about. I told her I wanted to do something with it. She was like, ‘No, no, no.” … She was serious at the beginning, but I knew I could talk her into it.”

Without Even Meeting Her, Simon Cowell Can’t Stand J.Lo

28, 2002 – Simon Cowell chatted with News of the World and the ‘American Idol’ judge says he’s no fan of Jennifer Lopez. “I’ve never met her, but from what I’ve heard about her-I can’t stand her,” he says. “Anyone turning up at Top Of The Pops with an entourage of 70 is just a joke. She sends minions in to check restaurants to see if everything is acceptable. Oh give me a break! I can’t bear that attitude.”

Jen And Ben To Get Married Without Engagement

27, 2002 – Us Weekly reports pals insist Jennifer Lopez is so eager to wed her new boyfriend Ben Affleck that she plans to head down the aisle with him without bothering to get engaged. “They are going to get married,” a J.Lo pal blabbed. “They won’t get engaged or anything – they’ll just get married.”

J.Lo And Kim Cattrall To Kiss In ‘Sex In The City’

September 26, 2002 – WENN reports Jennifer Lopez will enjoy a steamy smooch with ‘Sex and the City’ star Kim Cattrall in the new series of the hit show. “The plot is outrageous,” Lopez said. “I’m playing a slut who seduces Kim Cattrall only to wind up stealing her boyfriend. It’s my favorite show. I’m a New York girl so I can relate to those characters.”

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Denies She Cheated On Cris Judd

  1. Lay says:

    Jennifer c’mon now the truth is the truth… She did cheat on Cris with Ben – it is sooo obvious! Her next album should be titled “JHo” for sure!

    Who is she trying to kid?! Clearly only herself! Well I’m sure this is Cris’ best relationship, he got a clean 15mil out of it!

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