Jennifer Lopez Embodies The American Dream

I Don't Mean to Be Rude, But...: Backstage Gossip from American Idol & the Secrets that Can Make You a Star

In Simon Cowell’s new book, ‘I Don’t Mean to Be Rude, But … Idol Backstage Gossip and the Secrets that Can Make You a Star’, the ‘American Idol’ judge weighs in on the success of and her ex-boyfriend Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs, suggesting a large preference for J.Lo. He writes, “In today’s celebrity-obsessed world, every youngster wants to be famous. Who wouldn’t? The crazy excesses of stars like J.Lo and P. Diddy make for fascinating reading and inspire thousands of would-be pop stars to run out and hire a voice coach. J.Lo, in particular, embodies the American Dream: Her rags-to-riches story proves that anyone can do great things with hard work, talent, and a little luck. With charisma, charm, and that elusive X Factor, J.Lo has been able to achieve unparalleled success in both her singing and acting careers (‘Gigli’ aside). And anyone who can make light of herself by saying, ‘You can serve coffee using my rear as a ledge’ is fine by me. If you are an aspiring P. Diddy, however, you should remember that you won’t just have to buy nice suits. You’ll also have to see to it that your initials are sewn onto every sheet, pillowcase, and white suede chair that adorns your home. Sad.” Read an excerpt from the book here.

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9 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Embodies The American Dream

  1. grprincess says:

    Is it me or does Cowell change his mind about a lot of celebrities from one minute to the next. I have heard him make both positive and negative remarks about Brit. Now he is praising J.Lo when before he hated her. I have heard him say that J.Lo would not make it on American Idol and said she had a bad attitude.

  2. rangergirl says:

    I’m interested in Cowell’s book. Jennifer Lopez success does reflect HER American dream. She wanted to be an working entertainer and achieved monumental fame and money. She did work very hard. Even when she was “fly-girl” dancer on “In Living Color” she would be often the first to arrive at practice and the last to leave. She stated she would take the subway to go to auditions. I saw where someone wrote she is not from the ghetto. I never heard her say she was. She was actually born in a housing project but her family moved to a working class neighborhood in the Bronx-not exactly Beverly Hills. I’m glad for her success.

  3. Hotstar says:

    J.Lo the American dream,, not really!! I don’t know too many Americans who dream of being big assed whores with dysfunctional relationships and a bad attitude. Doesn’t matter, people are fed up with her and her crap.

  4. grprincess says:

    You guys are morons. a lot of celebs grew up poor- so what? They all worked hard to get where they are too. They just don’t try to use that.

    Since when did the American Dream involve multiple marriages and divorces.

  5. niceg says:

    Mental Mariah was being compared to J-Lo today in TRL. And it was so hilarious to see Mental being squished by Simon Cowell!

  6. angelM says:

    IF you guys actually click to read the full excerpt its really good. At least if you like me want to be a singer. I really want this book! Thanks Simon for this book!

  7. babet says:

    When it comes to the media frenzy type stars….. I respect j-lo so much more. she always tends to bring herself up to a classier level than Madonna, Britney, or MJ. I love how she’s so independent and how she knows what she’s doing.

  8. dada says:

    This hilarious!! Finally J lo had someone to say something good about her filthy trash ass Come on J lo fans are all teenyboppers and wanna-be sexy. Unlike Mariah, she don’t need someone to praise her ass because over the years she had proven to haters that her music is still alive and now that she’s into acting (Wise Girls was praised at Sundance), Sweet Science (something to look for) and writing. This girl’s unstoppable. So J Hoe you’re sick ass movie Gigli flopped to the max and Jersey Girl will surely be the same. Don’t you ever dare to record another crap album if I don’t want to see your horrible stink face out of the limelight.

  9. YogiBear says:

    Simon is two-faced…I don’t believe anything he says. if anything, Puffy is the American dream. he didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get to the top, unlike J.Lo!

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