Jennifer Lopez Exhibits In-Flight Diva Behavior

Ben Widdicombe of The New York Daily News reports that on a recent flight on a national airline, he asked the attendants if they had dealt with any celebrity diva behavior. “Once, a couple of years ago, we had J.Lo on board,” laughed one steward. “She made us take all the free newspapers out of first class because there was a story about her that she didn’t like.”

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3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Exhibits In-Flight Diva Behavior

  1. hooker says:

    This girl really know well to roll the camera, so fake! she can have everything, still, I don’t side her, eh, too loose.

  2. JLo_Lover says:

    A) I don’t believe the story B) I mean common …..You Cant Believe this story C) Did any of you know that the person who posted the comment above me is a beyoc* !

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    These “diva” stories about J.Lo are getting old, and none of them are believable.

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