Jennifer Lopez Gets Scorched By Stylist’s Curling Iron

The National Enquirer reports the real reason made up with her hairstylist Oribe after firing him was because the diva was scorched by his replacement during a promotion for ‘Maid in Manhattan’. The woman accidentally dropped the curling iron on J.Lo, burning her neck and causing her to scream in pain. Despite the woman apologizing in tears over and over, J.Lo showed no mercy storming out of the makeup room and screaming, “Don’t come near me EVER AGAIN!” Lopez proceeded to apply cold compresses to her swelling neck and did her own hair styling.

Imitation Of Jennifer Lopez’s Natural Diamond Ring

January 4, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: Do you wanna have the same ring Jennifer has on her finger? “Fresh Sexy Clean” shows a picture of an Imitation Pink Tourmaline, often used as October’s Birthstone. This pale pink gem is close in color to Jennifer’s Pink Diamond Engagement Ring given to her by fiance Ben Affleck.

Billboard Countdown Update

January 4, 2003 – Contributed by dragonzNpiano: Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ soundtrack tops the Billboard countdown again this week. Followed by Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ at #3 and holding on to #5 with ‘This Is Me… Then’. Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified’ and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’ both jump two spots to #6 and #8 respectively. Mariah Carey’s ‘Charmbracelet’ tumbles from #18 to #25. Tim McGraw and Aaliyah closes the top ten at #9 and #10.

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Gets Scorched By Stylist’s Curling Iron

  1. opl says:

    I can’t stand Jennifer anyway, she is a snob. If she can style her own hair then why doesn’t she just do it herself, and quit her bitching!

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