Jennifer Lopez Has Her Queer Moment In ‘Gigli’ quotes commenting on her role as a lesbian assassin in her new movie ‘Gigli’. J.Lo said of her friend’s reaction, “They were like, ‘What kind? Are you a lipstick lesbian? Are you hard-core?’ And I was like, ‘I’m just going to play her like an average person.’ I guess in a way I’m having my queer moment.”

Giggles Madly At ‘Done A Mariah Carey’ Question

May 20, 2002 – Liz Braun of the Toronto Sun was on hand at a press conference where she admitted that during the vigorous filming of ‘Enough’, she had to stop and rest. “I’ve done between 11 and 14 movies, I haven’t counted, but something like that, and I’ve never taken a day off. Never missed a video shoot, never been late,” she said. When quizzed by a reporter after the claim if she’d ever ‘done a Mariah Carey,’ Lopez giggled madly at the question from a male journalist, but didn’t take the bait.

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez Has Her Queer Moment In ‘Gigli’

  1. MerryA69 says:

    What ever good thoughts I could of had on j.lo from the Oprah show, she just lost all hopes of that from her actions about Mariah, which j.lo is just a Mariah wanna be!

    J.lo shows how much she cares by her large reaction, and you, well hate is next to love and that shows you care a GREAT deal too!

    I think you are a joke as a person, so at work here we get a good laugh at YOU!

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