Jennifer Lopez In ‘Bordertown’ With Antonio Banderas

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Antonio Banderas will join in the indie thriller ‘Bordertown’, which will pair the two stars for the first time on the big screen.

‘Rebirth’ Isn’t Over Says J.Lo’s New (Old) Manager

April 29, 2005 – The New York Post reports that Jennifer Lopez, in seeking out a new manager, turned to ex-manager Benny Medina for help. The pair decided at the 11th hour to remain just friends and instead hired another ex-manager, The Firm founder Jeff Kwatinetz. “The album [‘Rebirth’] is not over, it’s only just begun,” Kwatinetz told pals.

Registers Biggest International Hit

April 28, 2005 – Jennifer’s most recent movie Shall We Dance opened in Japan this weekend to improve it’s overseas total to 85 Million. The movie which grossed 57 Million domestically, has a total gross of 142 Million, which is in Lopez’s career, behind only Maid In Manhatten’s total gross. SWD has crossed Lopez’s other biggies The Wedding Planner and Anaconda. SWD is however Lopez’s biggest international release, leaving behind Anaconda’s 71 Million to it’s 85. You can check out the movie statistics at The movie opened at Japan this weekend with a 2.1 Million haul from a limited 296 screens. Lopez’s new movie ‘Monster In Law’ opens in early May.

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