Jennifer Lopez In Fury Over Puffy’s Play For Sister

The Globe reports is furious over her ex Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs making a play for her younger sister Lynda. A source revealed following their much reported breakup, “It didn’t take long for Sean to lean on Lynda emotionally.” Lopez wasn’t pleased to hear this info according to an insider who said, “She’s absolutely furious at them both. She’s made it clear that she wants Lynda to stay away from Puffy, and Puffy to stay away from Lynda.”

Cris Judd’s Secret Past

December 26, 2001 – This week’s National Enquirer includes a steamy set of photos featuring Cris Judd during his Chippendales dancing days. A source told the tabloid, “Cris first started working for Chippendales in ’93. He was a professionally trained dancer. He was a very handsome guy who could dance rings around anyone else in the Chippendales troupe.” The source added, “A lot of women threw themselves at Cris – and like most of the guys, if the women were particularly pretty, he’d go home with them for the night.”

J.Lo Grants Christmas Wish For WTC Victim’s Child

December 26, 2001 – WENN reports was kind enough to fly a 9 year old girl from her home in New Jersey to Hollywood to watch on the set as she filmed her latest video, ‘Ain’t It Funny’. The child, Caitlin Antigua, made the wish to see J.Lo following mom Lorriane’s death at the World Trade Center. Caitlin said, “My mom was the greatest mom in the world and I would give anything to get her back. If I can’t have that wish, meeting Jennifer Lopez would be it.”

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