Jennifer Lopez In No Mood To Feud With Mariah Carey

Jeannette Walls of reports and ran into each other at a party given at the home of their manager, Benny Medina. But a source says the feuding divas didn’t come to blows. “J.Lo seemed subdued,” says the source. “She and Ben had just split.”

PSA Video With J.Lo

February 4, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, Tony Hawk, Chris Rock and other celebs have taped a public service announcement (PSA) to encourage disenfranchised citizens to vote. The spot debuted during the XXXVIII SuperBowl and run on MTV until the November 2004 presidential election.

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One thought on “Jennifer Lopez In No Mood To Feud With Mariah Carey

  1. monarc20 says:

    J-Ho doesn’t even want to see Mariah because she feel’s so guilty about stealing alt of Mariah’s Idea’s, Song’s, Sample’s and Style. J-Lowis just so jealous of Mariah cause J-ho career is over after her Flop movie. Mariah has a Flop Movie but her Career is right back on track unlike poor J-Low and she is

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