Jennifer Lopez In Pirelli 2006 Calendar

Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, and Kate Moss are featured in the 2006 Pirelli calendar. Check out photos for the 12 months here.

J.Lo’s KFC Endorsement A Jab At PETA?

November 13, 2005 – Sources tell Life Style Extra that is purposely taunting PETA by saying she and hubby Marc Anthony love fast-food outlet KFC, another target for PETA because of the way they allegedly house and slaughter chickens served up in their eateries. A PETA spokesperson fumed: “Is there not an ounce of compassion in this woman? It’s no surprise that J.Lo would eat KFC.” Anthony had earlier remarked that after a concert, he and Lopez eat “Kentucky Fried Chicken after every show. We get the bucket (of chicken) with the free cake. The free chocolate cake is everyone’s favorite.”

And Nicole Kidman Duet For New Film

November 13, 2005 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Jennifer and Nicole Kidman are set to star together as jazz swing musicians in ‘American Darlings’, and they also are teaming up for the film’s theme song, ‘Together, Wherever We Go.’ J.Lo told a source, “”It’s awesome working with Nicole. You can learn so much as an actress and I have a great feeling about this movie too.” The track may also be released as a single.

Honors Heroes Fighting World Poverty

November 11, 2005 – Jennifer and Tim Robbins were among the celebrities that showed up at the United Nations Tuesday night (November 8) to honor heroes of the fight against world poverty.

J.Lo Wishes She Had Time To Tour

November 4, 2005 – Even with all of her success, Jennifer Lopez says there is still one thing she longs for. “Because of my movie career I haven’t toured much,” she tells ‘Extra’. “I haven’t really had the pleasure of really performing for my fans and touring and stuff like that.”

Lopez In Talks To Perform At Athina’s Brazilian Wedding

October 31, 2005 – In Touch magazine reports that Jenifer Lopez is currently in talks to perform at the December 5th nuptials of show jumper Alvaro Neto and Athina Onassis Roussel, the granddaughter of late Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis. Sources tell the magazine that J.Lo has been offered $3 million to perform at the ceremony, to be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Lopez will reportedly donate her fees to charity.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Raise $100,000 For Cancer Victims

October 27, 2005 – After performing in the Dominican Republic a week and a half ago, Jennifer and her husband, Marc Anthony, took a pit stop in Puerto Rico to attend a celebrity golf event – and ended up raising more than $100,000 for two Puerto Rican cancer facilities. The couple had headlined the three-day Presidente Latin Music Festival October 14-16, and then on the final day of the fest, visited the inaugural Celebrity Cancer Golf Classic held at the Coco Beach Golf & Country Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. The proceeds raised will benefit the Hospital Auxilo Mutuo Cancer Center and Sociedad America del Cancer.

Jennifer Lopez Praying For A Baby

October 24, 2005 – Star magazine reports that Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony made a special stop at a Spanish-style chapel during a brief vacation at a seaside resort in Los Cabos, Mexico on October 9th. “J.Lo is now turning to prayer, hoping that if she prays hard enough, God will see His way to bless her and Marc with a baby,” a source told the tabloid. The couple spent about 10 minutes inside the chapel, the source says, adding, “From the way they looked — smiling and happy — you could tell something special happened in there.”

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4 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez In Pirelli 2006 Calendar

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    It seems like she has been praying for a baby for a long time now, but I hope she has one eventually. I thought she was already pregnant, at least that’s what I read somewhere.

  2. BSBlover05 says:

    I really wish people would quit “praying” to make things happen. If you want something to happen, you’ve gotta make it happen yourself…you can’t expect a “higher power” to make it happen for you. But good luck to Jen and Marc if they are trying for a baby.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Yeah I agree with you. I believe in miracles and fate and all that, but praying for things that only you and not a higher power can do is sometimes a bit ridiculous, esp. when some people don’t even take the effort to make things happen for them.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    not only that, but some people only refer to that higher power when they want something to happen, and forget about it all the other time. I’ve been guilty of that myself. Then again, this is the Star we’re talking about, and it didn’t say that Jennifer admitted that’s what she was there for.

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