Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Changing Much In Lesbian Role

chatted with Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News on her upcoming film role in ‘Gigli’. Lopez said her lesbian character won’t be too much of a stretch for her. “I know a lot of gay people,” she said. “When I spoke to them [about preparing for the role], they said: ‘We’re just regular people. it like you would play anybody else.’ So that’s how I approached it.”

Cris Judd Burning Up Over Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Ojani

May 23, 2002 – The Globe reports Jennifer’s husband Cris Judd is in a jealous rage over Ojani Noa, Lopez’s ex-husband from 1998, was hired to run her new restaurant Madre’s. A pal revealed, “It’s been eating away at Cris for weeks. I think he hates that J.Lo has been spending so much time with Ojani and he’s burning up.” The pal added, “It looks like J.Lo is quickly losing interest in Cris and in return he’s getting angrier and more resentful of her every day.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Diva Reputation A Media Image Creation

May 23, 2002 – Rebecca Eckler of the National Post was at a press conference with Jennifer and reports when she was asked of her diva reputation, J.Lo responded, “The media creates an image of me being a diva. It’s so ridiculous this stuff. It’s crazy. But you learn to live with it.” Eckler also editorializes in the column saying, “I’ve never quite understood the whole Jennifer-Lopez-is-the-sexiest-being-on-the-planet thing. I like her music. Her movies can be good. Her videos are sexy. She’s definitely pretty, but the hottest woman on the planet? It must be a guy thing.”

Jennifer Lopez’s New Film A Schwarzenegger Flick For Ladies

May 23, 2002 – Luke Y. Thompson of the Houston Press reviewed Jennifer’s new film ‘Angel Eyes’ out on Friday. Thompson didn’t sound too impressed with the film but admitted, “it’s hard to hate the film.” Thompson added, “Movies like this are the equivalent of Schwarzenegger flicks (except those directed by James Cameron) for ladies: predictable escapist fare that provides a temporary rush of empowerment.”

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