Jennifer Lopez Jumps To #1, X-Tina Tumbles

Jennifer Lopez 'All I Have' single cover

Contributed anonymously:

On this week’s Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles, Jennifer Lopez ft. LL Cool J zooms straight in at #1, with ‘All I Have.’ B2K fall to #2, Christina Aguilera’s, ‘Beautiful,’ fell to #3, and Avril Lavigne stays at #4. Ja Rule and Ashanti jump to #5, Justin Timberlake tumbles to #6, Aaliyah’s, ‘Miss You,’ climbs to #7, and R. Kelly makes a move to #13. Elsewhere, Good Charlotte comes in at #22, Eminem’s, ‘Superman,’ and t.A.T.u’s, ‘All the Things She Said,’ climb to #35 and #36 respectively, and JC Chasez jumps to #51. Rounding out the rest, Lil’ Kim gets the, ‘Hot Shot Debut,’ at #66, Shania Twain’s, ‘Up!,’ stays at #73, and Madonna’s, ‘Die Another Day,’ falls to #98. Countdown drop offs include, Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera’s, ‘Dirrty.’

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